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The mail leaves a bitter-sweet taste this week.

10 February 2021

Town ace spotted in The Smugglers and Baz's world view resonates

Mendonca the bandit

I haven't trawled the dates, but I'd guess at mid 90s. Sir Clive Mendonca was having a prolonged period out of the team citing some kind of 'bad back - the doctors can't find out what causes it' type of medical thing. I'm sure this period was in his last full season with us. He started the season but then had a lengthly spell out before getting a few games in before the season ended. That's how recall it anyway.

As the local knight of the realm, Sir Clive had been a goal machine a much as GTFC ever had a goal machine in recent years, so his time out over this period was not great for fans who wanted him scoring goals. We were equally bereft of positive news about his 'bad back' at every press conference. Cutting to the chase, a mate and I were prone going into Cleethorpes pre-Christmas for an all-dayer, before the crowds descended later in the evening. I distinctly remember the injured Sir Clive propping up the fruit machine at around 2pm in The Smugglers, on his own, pint in hand, minding his own business. Its not for me to speculate what he was doing, he was on his own, stood up not sat down (so maybe his back was playing him up?). He was probably just having a pint. That's all. I didn't feel the need or the nosiness to ask him.


from Ian Jackson

Rich sees sense in Baz's world

Totally agree with your comments. My big concern is this blind acceptance that once relegated with new owners and a new vision we will bounce back. Hey! We are the mighty mariners! Of course we will be straight back up! Oh. I forgot what happened last time. No, it will be different this time - new owners and plans for a new ground - never mind we can borrow those rose tinted specs that they seem to dole out to new subscribers on the Fishy. God forbid the new management regime is criticised. It makes no odds I’ll just sit back and selfishly reminisce on away days at Plymouth, Barnsley, Reading et al with greatly missed friends. Great times, which begrudgingly, I have come to realise will never come back. Am I sad? Yes, of course, but not for my personal loss but more for the fact that most supporters today never have experienced what we did all those years ago and you know what? The selfish part of me is glad that those memories will stay with me forever and that most supporters now will probably never see those days again. Bitter? Most definitely, but so glad I was part of something which will never return.

from Rich Jones

Letters Ed responds: Let's allow the new board to actually take their seats before we debate whether or not they should be criticised, eh? And, will the good times be back? Surely you have to believe they will be otherwise what's the point?

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