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That feeling of emptiness is not filled with 0-0 draws

24 March 2021

Are we living a dream or dreaming alive?

Cursed or lucky?


So far this season I've plucked up the courage to watch four matches. The match against Tranmere was the latest. The results of these matches are:

Grimsby v Tranmere, 17 March: 0-0

Grimsby v Southend, 16 January: 0-0

Grimsby v Oldham, 29 December: 0-0

Stevenage v Grimsby, 31 October: 0-0

Am I a secret weapon? Should I only be deployed against top half opposition? Should I stop spending £10 to watch nothing happen?

Who knows?

from Matt Pakes

Letters Ed responds: You're on an unbeaten run. I'd be grateful for that.

Angst, anguish, an attachment are all lacking

I don't know if I'm the only one this season, but something doesn't seem right in many many ways. It's been like an out of body experience. The Scunthorpe derby, then nothing: no games to attend, a shoddy summer of signings, surprise and hope that the season actually started, then an overall feeling of 'disconnection'. Fentygate, Hollowgate and releGATE.

It just seems to be something I can see happening, but that I have no connection to. No anguish of attending games and feeling awful afterwards, no physical or emotional attachment to the results. It's just "happening" and there is nothing I or anyone else seems to be able to do. The local newspaper can't create a campaign, we can't generate an atmosphere at the ground, we can't do anything in the community to express ourselves in real terms.

Whatever happens, will happen. And I don't feel connected to it.

from Ian Jackson

Letters Ed responds: How do you feel after three lovely points last night?

How are you feeling after our first win since February? Can we save our season? Send in your thoughts via the postbag.