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Help need in Histon and high praise fer't youth teamer

15 September 2021

Our latest addition to the diarist squad has encouraged some praise while the Histon Mariners need your help.

I think he means beer.

You may or may not know of the Histon Mariners. We have been visible supporters of Town for about 12 years (some for many, many decades longer)

There has been a website running for most of that time and I have been trying - without luck (hence this communiqué) - to begin to convert the essence of the existing material into book format with the intention of printing X copies and giving them to the Trust or club with the proceeds going to the YDA or similar. The website is in the process of being "tweaked" and some chapters are more advanced than others.

I would love but don't expect free help, advice, assistance or hand holding to bring the project to fruition.

I am more than happy to meet up at most away games or in Cleethorpes when discussions could be conducted over an orange juice or two.

from Mark Donachy

Letters Ed responds: We hope to see you get this off the ground, Mark. If you can help, get in touch with us and we'll put you in touch with Mark

Mardy mail

What a load of bloody shite you write!!!

from No name given

Letters Ed responds: Thank you, Mr A Trialist, sorry, who are you?

New blood, old love

I won an informal diary trialist competition in 2011. My prize was the coveted Thursday CA diary spot. It’s a tough gig, the Thursday diary, but it remains a proud achievement and a great privilege to have contributed, briefly, to this wonderful fanzine. All the best to the new trialists!

I was writing for CA when we’d first been relegated to the conference; we used to call him "Shorty". It must be wonderful to write in more positive times. Having written a total of about 15 diaries, I remain staggered and in awe of the longevity of the CA diary and the unwavering commitment of the curators and writers of this website. You really are a credit to Grimsby Town FC and few are more deserving of our recent change in fortune. I hope that CA towers are buzzing.

Up the Mariners and long live Cod Almighty, your Part-Time Diary.

from Ross Connett

Letters Ed responds: Thanks, Ross.

Praise for the academy products

Disturbingly unjaded. I like him. Refreshing to hear of promotion in the context of Fifa. Suspect that he may be cynically using this to fulfill the cultural cachet of the aforementioned yoof demographic.

Shows promise.

Not sure about referring to a contemporary as a 'lad' though.

May you staaaay, Forever Young. The lucky git.

P.S. Whatever happened to the diarist who was afeared of being chased down Cleethorpes beach by the others? The sub-narrative could be threaded through future diaries like worms in cod. Nobody likes them, but damn is it funny to watch the resulting chaos.

He was anarchical; I liked him.

from Ian Johnson

He's got the style

I very much enjoyed reading the diary showing a different perspective to the usual contributors. I particularly welcomed his use of the English language without the sometimes too frequent use of Anglo-Saxon words. A high standard has been set by the first contribution and I look forward to reading others.

Watched my first Town game when Bill Shankly was manager but nothing will ever surpass being at the Barnet 4-3 victory.

from David Styles

Ian Jackson got in touch

A day or two after I'd hoped these phrases would never be uttered, Grimsby Live report Paul Hurst on the Omar Bogle story, Quote:

"I’ve touched base on that one, and what I can say is it’s not something that the player wants to pursue now," Hurst told Grimsby Live.

Nooooo. Rang him up, called him, sent a text.....anything. Not touching base.

from Ian Jackson


Just to say that I found today's diary well written and interesting from someone who is obviously a younger fan of the club.

I look forward to seeing more fresh talent in the future.

from Geoff Bradley

Letter title...

Really enjoyed the diary from 9 September. Think us old 'uns sometimes forget how blessed we were to see the likes of Groves and Macca every week - just like those before us saw Glover and Betmead etc.

My son is 19 and like the writer first saw Town play league football in 2016, so understand how the players of the past few years are held in regard by the young 'uns.

Looking forward to reading further younger diaries and hopefully they are as good as this one.


from Paul Tuplin

Letters Ed responds: Yes, thank you Paul and the other correspondents who have praised our trialist diarist. It has been a breath of fresh air for us all.

We have another young diarist writing for us on Thursday so please send in your feedback here.