Match stats: Altrincham v Grimsby

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Tuesday 5 October 2021

Conference Premier

Altrincham 2 Mooney (65), Moult (75)

Grimsby Town 3 Bapaga (27), Taylor (48), Clifton (55)

Attendance: 2882 (1251 away fans)

Cod Almighty man of the match: Harry Clifton

Fox and Hunt ruled the roost, McAtee and Taylor cut through at will, the whole defence was rock solid, but Harry Clifton is the heartbeat of the team, isn't he. Impossibly irrepressible.

Our gaffer says

He just about kept his head when all around were losing theirs over the latest Copeland decomposition:

"We keep talking about trying to be ruthless…it's an example of what can happen, no matter how comfortable you are in the game, whether it's a referee's decision or a mistake."

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Their gaffer says

Something, somewhere, but it's a state secret so we'll only find out in 30 years. Hang on there's been a wikileak on The You Tubes:

"Full credit, they gave us respect, their work rate second to none, they ground us down...They are a very, very good team aren't they, they could be champions elect...If they had everyone on the pitch it wouldn't have swung in our favour. A draw wouldn't have been a fair result."

What a fine fellow, no one-eyed spin or shoulder chipping, just the facts.

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With 11 players this Town were unplayable, like Buckleyball Mark 1 but at double-speed. Town played as a blue blur, dizzyingly dynamic and should really have been five up before the ref's Bapaga mind frazzle. Even after the great reduction McAtee should have had a couple more.

And after the nutty nonsense they showed discipline, character, ferocious commitment and no little skill to see the game out. McKeown only really had one save to make.

Jaw dropping.



Alty are the antithesis of Bromley: great attitude, great pitch, great football.

They pass and move at speed, with flexible tactics and cunning plans. You know, with a fair wind and injury-free winter Altrincham are going humiliate some big-time Charlie teams. They were cut apart by Town, but that says a lot about us rather than them.

And when they had some footballing fortune they were good enough to take advantage.

Good luck to them, they're the sort of team that will hang around the fringes of the play-offs.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

All aboard and hitting the road, we're rocking all over the Bananarama world.

Official warning

Mr S Copeland

We don't like the way he gets things done, sleeping on the job. The bookings of Bapaga were just pathetic, like a teacher who always picks on the smallest, quietest boy to set an example.

This man is a danger to public safety when permitted near Grimsby Town: 3.333

Readers' digest

We fight for our right to party. And we mean to go on and on and on and on.

In a word: sumptuous


Altrincham: Thompson, Jackson, Moult, Mullarkey, Hannigan, Furman (Pringle 60), Hancock (Kosylo 85), Senior, Mooney, Dinanga (Leitch-Smith 62), Colclough

Subs not used: Densmore, Peers

Booked: Mullarkey, Pringle

Town: McKeown, Sears, Waterfall, Towler, Crookes, Fox, Hunt, Clifton, Taylor (Sousa 71), McAtee (John-Lewis 84)

Subs not used: Pearson, Coke, Revan

Booked: McKeown

Sent Off: Bapaga