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26 October 2021

If you are looking for an ill omen, and as a Grimsby Town fan, you almost certainly are, then the Mariners' one defeat so far this season was at Bromley when, on the same night, the under-18s were playing an FA Youth Cup tie. Both sides are in action again tonight.

The youths play their Crewe Alexandra counterparts in the first round proper of the FA Youth Cup, and without knowing anything about their set-up, it is no doubt a step up from Town's qualifying wins over Halifax and Chester. Still, on Saturday they put eight past Huddersfield with a team which featured three players we've all heard of - Louis Boyd, Edwin Essel and Evan Khouri. They will no doubt know they have been in a game afterwards, and so will Crewe. It is at Gresty Road, starting at 7, and admission is free.

Proof-reading is still a luxury the Grimsby Telegraph can no longer afford it seems. Were you worrying about a "relegation handover" in May, or were you secretly hoping an eccentric billionaire would sidle up to Stockwood, Pettit or Hurst and hand over a stuffed brown envelope, murmuring "I was sorry to see you go down. Perhaps this will help." (This being Cod Almighty, naturally we hope the envelope contained not cash but a blueprint for fan ownership, the Alan Buckley coaching manual and a map showing the whereabouts of Kevin Drinkell's hat-trick ball)

Nevertheless, Elliott Jackson's interview with Lenell John-Lewis is just about worth braving the attack of the killer pop-ups for. He doesn't say much that we don't already suspect: that footballers prefer playing in front of large, enthusiastic crowds and that the spirit of the club has improved since the takeover. One thing we occasionally need to be reminded of: if they are footballers recruited by Paul Hurst they are going to be professional in every sense of the word, and no one epitomises that better than John-Lewis. If he skies a shot, he'll need no reminder that he should have scored, and it won't stop him making sure he is in the right places, making the right runs to create another chance, for himself or for the team.

If you are getting ahead of yourself, and as a Grimsby Town fan, of course you are, let Middle-Aged Diary share this fantasy. When (OK, if) the game comes up where Town can clinch the title, it'll be Lenell John-Lewis who gets the winner, and the YouTube goblin designated to replay Nathan Arnold tapping past the Forest Green keeper and running for the corner of Wembley will finally get a holiday.

First though, Wealdstone, where we can't be sure of a win, but we can be sure everyone will do their darnedest.

Enjoy the game.