The badge: iconic but hardly untampered with

Cod Almighty | Article

by Kieran Reader

12 January 2022

Perhaps our badge should be sacrosanct, says Kieran, but the many ways it has been reproduced mean that it is not

Last week Cod Almighty published an article with the tag line "Why tamper with a stone-cold classic of a badge". Written by Paul Thundercliffe, it gives a very good account of why the current badge, which has been in use for over 50 years, should remain in use and unchanged.

The article was received very warmly and rightly so.

While I'm not really fussed by the proposed badge changes either way, I still think it's fair to produce a counter argument and ask: which badge are you referring to?

Maybe I'm being a bit pedantic but take these recent examples of the badge in use and spot their (not so) subtle variations.

Variations on the Grimsby Town badge

Differences include:

  • The shape of the banner
  • The size of the trawler
  • The font of the text
  • Whether there are full stops in FC
  • Whether there is a gap between the banner and trawler
  • The shape and size of the fish
  • Whether the fish have eyes

That is from just three versions of the badge: think how many other slight variations of the badge exist out in the wild.

I love our badge. Of course I do, I'm a Grimsby fan. I think it's iconic. It represents our colours, fishing heritage, and stands out from the modern day circle cookie-cutter crests (see: Man City, Stevenage, Bristol City, Harrogate... yawn).

I concede that adding a flag to the trawler is unnecessary but to say that our badge is sacrosanct and hasn't morphed and varied over the past 50 years is just wrong.

Regardless of Option A or B, can we agree that it needs to be consistent?