Match stats: Grimsby v Boreham Wood

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Tuesday 10 May 2022

Conference Premier

Grimsby Town 1 McAtee (19)

Boreham Wood 0

Attendance: 6010 (12 away fans)

Sponsors' man of the match: Ben Fox

Box to box he made our ticks toc, making up for Gav O'Grovesie's slapdash potato mashings.

Cod Almighty man of the match: Harry Clifton

The party animals were swooning over Johnny Mackatoo, the cock of the North, but let's hear it for our boy, let's give Harry Clifton a hand for being tremendously energetic. Why? 'Cause what he does he does well.

Our gaffer says

The serene Svengali opened up on his inner turmoil from a season's nitwittery - who the Sponsors pick as Man of the Match:

"Something wrong with people who make them must have been their parents that have turned up".
Yeah, sort it Sponsorsy.

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Their gaffer says

Oh calamity! The current plat du jour of the Bananarama got his knickers in a twist about the lack of second phase possession after the rolling maul:

"We don't need to give John McAtee a leg up, Ryan Taylor a leg up, Harry Clifton a leg up"

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He's back up in the game, running things and we're back in the swing. It's the return of the Mc and he's as pinky and perky as before.

Can do better, must do better against better opponents but enough was enough to snuff out the barbarians from Boreham Wood.


I understand they are putting in their application to join the Herts and Middlesex Rugby Union Second Division next week. Watch out Old Millhillians, here come the Wood!

Basic balderdashers relying on a brick wall and boredom to wear down the unwary. They will never get promoted, they just get in the way of those who hope to rise in the social order.

Think of them as a social irritant, hanging around on street corners gobbing on people as they walk by, just doing what's needed to survive on the mean streets of Hertfordshire.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

Life is but a dream.

Official warning

Mr S Tallis

He blew his whistle to start the game, he blew his whistle to end the game. He didn't blow his whistle much between those two points and didn't cause anyone to blow their top or blow their mind out in a car. And he didn't notice that our floodlights had changed: 7.501

Readers' digest

Town top trumped a bunch of bungee jumpers and bumpy lumpers by playing their ace card early.

In a word: synergy


Town: Crocombe, Cropper, Smith, Pearson, Amos, Sousa, Fox, Holohan, Clifton, McAtee (Burgess 88) Taylor (Dieseruvwe 88)

Subs not used: Abrahams, Maguire-Drew, Crookes

Boreham Wood: Ashmore, Mendy, Evans, Stephens, K Smith, Lewis, Raymond (C Smith 68), Comley (Clifton 52), Mafuta, Boden (Orsi 79), Marsh

Subs not used: Ashby-Hammond, Joyce

Postponed from 27 November due to storm damage