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19 May 2022

Our postman has been off on paternity to leave but he is back just in time for the play-offs

Makofo making his mark

I was idly browsing through some football pages in social media when I saw that Serge Makofo had scored for Merstham FC the previous weekend.

I for one was deeply saddened that Serge's career at Grimsby Town didn't progress as hoped.

I was listening to a local eighties radio station on the morning of our away game at Kettering in the 2011-12 season and heard Landscape's Einstein A Go-Go. In a blinding moment I realised it could be reworked to 'Its Serge Makofo doodoodoodoo...' but like Serge's play, it didn't really catch on.

One of my real regrets but all the best to Serge as he plies his trade elsewhere.

from Chris Smith

The founding of Grimsby Borough

Just read today’s diary by Middle-Aged Diary who raised the question as to why Grimsby Borough are called the "Wilderness Boys?" I can help with that.

The formation of the current Grimsby Borough started in my back garden in June 2003 following the demise of Louth United after the Trustees of Louth United decided to sell the Park Avenue football ground and effectively close the club down, much to the dismay of the players, staff and supporters of Louth United and probably the wider Louth community. Louth United's team was largely comprised of players from the Grimsby area. Steve Newby was the manager of Louth United at the time and I was the club captain. Steve came to my house to tell me about the fate of Louth United. We spent a couple of hours and a few pots of tea discussing what we could do because we found ourselves with 20 local footballers plus backroom staff, some of whom had been with Louth for many years, that suddenly had no club to play for.

From that meeting we came up with the idea of forming a local team, Grimsby Borough, as a home for those players and so that future local players of a decent standard wouldn’t have to travel out of town to play semi-pro standard football. Local players now have two really good clubs to play for in Borough and Cleethorpes Town but in those days players like myself had been travelling some distance to play for Grantham, Wisbech, Kings Lynn, Spalding, Bridlington and either of the Boston clubs to play at a decent standard.

Steve Newby and Nigel Fanthorpe (who is still currently involved with Borough) put in a lot of work in a short time to get permission to enter the newly formed team into the Lincolnshire League and gradually the club made progress through the pyramid, apart from the occasional set-back, to reach the level it plays at currently. The first season Borough played in 2003-04 was at King George Stadium, a pitch that was the size of a postage stamp with javelin ruts all over but that was all we could find at short notice.

The Wilderness Boys nickname came from the joke that the players at the time had that as a group we had found ourselves in the "wilderness" with no club, no ground, no league, no kit, in fact we had nothing other than a group of players from Grimsby that loved football and wanted to play together for a local team. Thankfully Borough are definitely not in the wilderness now and their promotion this season is a fantastic achievement.

Best wishes to all at Cod Almighty and keep up the good work.


from Chris Grocock

Letters Ed responds: thank you, Chris, for your response. As a non-League supporter and having attended a few of your matches I have been interested to read the story of Borough's formation. Best of luck for 2022-23.

The play-offs are right around the corner - what are your thoughts on them? Too few tickets, pooling of the gate receipts, games a week apart. Plenty to whinge about so why not put it in a letter?