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20 May 2022

Free diary, now diary-free!

BOTB here, shouting nonsense from the abyss between the end of the season proper and the play-off jamboree. Not much going on in the Town arena, as you can probably guess. The calm before the storm, no doubt.

Did you read Knowing us, knowing Bill Meek? Yes, he wrote some great diaries on this site, but his diatribes about Leeds fans being uncouth were a bit rich. I was once driving through Swindon with him when we passed a boy of about 12 wearing a Manchester United shirt. Retro lowered the car window and shouted "You should be supporting Swindon, you little shit!" He won't mention that in any of his philosophical musings on the beautiful game, will he? Oh, no. The ultra-civilised CA Socrates won't be spreading that little anecdote to his acolytes I suspect. Mind you, he was right.

Talking of bad behaviour, there seems to be a bit of it about at the moment. The traditional end of season "Cor blimey, we are on the pitch running about, wheeeee look at us!" bollocks seems to have descended into something more sinister. I was delighted to see Patrick Vieira give an obnoxious little shitbox of a child a kick up the jacksy after the Crystal Palace/Everton bunfight, but sometimes players and managers don't get a chance to defend themselves. Billy Sharp had to have stitches, of course, after a passing cockwomble decided to headbutt him after the Sheff Utd/Forest game. Last year at Birmingham someone ran onto the pitch to punch Jack Grealish. If he'd run on and given him a haircut he would have had everyone's support, but punching is way beyond the limit.

I mean, we've all wanted to shove Harry Pell into a ditch, haven't we? But the point is we don't, because violence is a shitty, horrible thing to invite into your life and solves nothing. If you're celebrating, why would you want to ruin it with pointless arsery that will achieve nothing and get you banned or jailed? You've already won. Go home, be happy. Let's hope that if we defeat Notts County the kids having their first ever shandy manage to control their emotions at the final whistle.

There should be another diary on Monday for last minute team news, big match build up and information about where to score coke and find the litter bins on the trains. It's not a Bank Holiday, is it? Oh, no, that's the week after. So yes, tune in on Monday lunchtime to your number one independent Grimsby Town fanzine for the latest news and celebrity gossip.

Isn't it great that serfs and sycophants are being given their own bank holiday this year? They do so much to keep the wheels of unearned privilege and the soft power of the establishment going, it's about time they had a day off to blob around making fawning noises and waving their little lickspittle flags. Still, er, God Save the Queen. It's so lonely on a limb.

For normal people, early June marks the National League play-off final. Could we make it? Could we not? Cross everything, there's drama to come! I get the feeling that GTFC fans are going into the play-offs more in hope than expectation, but football is an old funny game (avoided the cliche there) and the prize at stake is a massive one. We must have belief.  Have a good weekend, Monday will be here before you know it.