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25 July 2022

A former English teacher throws his fellow teachers, albeit of geography, under the 9X.

Word on a wing from Donostia

Great diary on Friday 22 July. Enjoyed the Bowie reflection and had a similar bathetic experience (now there's a good adjective) with those two albums. However, Mike Brolly was a science teacher - chemistry and physics I believe. Geography teachers are invariably twats, and Brolly was a good sort by all accounts. If any good-sort Geography teachers are reading this, then don't worry.

The other problem is that it's 'correspondence' (with an 'e') and not 'correspondance'. I'm telling you this because in the Jurassic Period I was an English teacher, and English teachers are often pedantic twats.

But my spelling's good.


from Fil Ball

Don't leave all the correspondence down to our Fil. There must be something to talk about when the good times roll too so tell us.