Match stats: Rochdale v Grimsby

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Saturday 13 August 2022

Division 4

Rochdale 0

Grimsby Town 1 Waterfall (90+2)

Attendance: 3350 (1249 away fans)

Cod Almighty man of the match: Luke Waterfall

Smith and Morris was unobtrusively competent, the oil and grease that let the engine purr, but there's one man who stands above them all, the warrior with spirit. He stands in the right places in all areas: Big Luke. When skies are blue you are beguiling.

Our gaffer says

The question on Sir John of Tondeur's lips was: "Why is Luke Waterfall any good these days?" Break out the enigma machines:

"I'm not throwing Luke under the bus... the environment he was in and the frustrations he had with other players not pulling their weight can all weigh down on a person. I had open and honest conversations with Luke after that season."

Our crack team of code breakers have deciphered this message: Holloway was a complete arsehead.

Their gaffer says

So sad, sometimes he feels so sad. Times are sticky for Stocky Ribdale, a man filling his shirt and feeling the heat after they got beat. Again.

"…on another day we would be sat here really, really chuffed to bits that we'd won the game comfortably"

But Ribby, dear boy, today's the day and it's just another day in Rochdale's sad café, where every day hurts just a little bit more.

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Everything was wrong at the start, but everything was all right in the end.

Town were sliced on the left, diced on the right as Dale's flankers flayed the full-backs and waltzed past the wide support. Wearne, in particular at this point, was totally out of his depth against Odoh, more dangerous to Town than them.

But they hung on, the centre staunchly standing up to the waves of attacks, standing in the way of juggernauts and fast-moving traffic.

And then Hurst sorted it.

Everyone got better, everyone got stronger.

It's in the head, it's in the heart, for it wasn't Town who fell apart. Town are a professional team within a professional club, the whole greater than the sum of its parts. Grit, graft and then some craft.


For all their dreams and schemes Robbie's people are as they seem: a bunch of boys practising perfecto-ball in a field in this long hot summer. However much they try they can't escape the truth, for the fact is they can't shoot and just lacked heart.

They were superficially tasty for half the first half. Oh yes, the dishy Dalers most certainly were, Olly. They passed, they moved they grooved about, dashing and darting between the lines with verve and vim. Odoh forever dancing past Wearne and Ringo with tears in his eyes. They should have been four up by the first sip of the drinks break.

And then adjustments were made to Town's hem line. These Dalers didn't like being hassled by the man and went off to meditate in the perfumed garden behind the Main Stand. Ah, the sunflowers, so weary of time.
Sometimes relationships don't go as planned and Rochdale now find themselves in no-man's land. If only they could be tough like Town. Here in August Robbie's raiders look like the team that goes down despite everyone saying how lovely they play.

Dear, dear Dalers: you're going to fall, it's almost predictable (almost). It's a question of balance and you've got to get the balance right between character and action.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

We follow. And that's the way we like it.

Official warning

Mr T Kirk

What is a man but that lofty spirit, that sense of enterprise, that devotion for something that cannot be sensed, cannot be realised but only dreamed, the highest reality? What high falutin' tosh from a suitable case for treatment.

The lad was not as mad as Herczeg, but just as bad: 4.433.

Readers' digest

Last minute. Corner. Waterfall. This is Grimsby.

In a word: relentless


Rochdale: O’Donnell, Seriki, Ebanks-Landell, John, Nelson (Graham 51), Ball, Diagouraga, Tulloch (Sinclair 61) Rodney, Henderson, Odoh

Subs not used: White, McNulty, Brierley, Kelly

Booked: Nelson, Ebanks-Landell, Seriki, Tulloch

Town: Crocombe, Efete, Waterfall, Smith, Glennon, Morris, Wearne (Keirnan 75), Holohan, Green (Amos 75), Clifton (Pepple 87), Taylor (Pearson 93)

Subs not used: Battersby, Cropper, Maguire-Drew

Booked: Morris, Clifton, Glennon