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Happy anniversary, Mr Jolley

By Ron Counte, 11 March 2019

Michael Jolley has now completed 46 league games as Grimsby manager. Ron Counte reflects on his progress

Seventh heaven and unholy smoke

By Lee Johnson, 1 March 2019

At the end of February 1990, Town seemed to be going nowhere. Seven games in March changed all that. Lee Johnson saw it all

Something good

By Alistair Wilkinson, 25 February 2019

Michael Jolley and his team are putting to bed a lot of bad memories, and Al Wilkinson is enjoying the ride

Proper ground, proper floodlights

By Peter Anderson, 21 February 2019

We've seen our last game under BP's historic lights without even knowing it, laments Peter Anderson. How could this happen?

Loco in El Paso

By Janusz Przeniczny, 17 February 2019

Andrew Fox has joined a club that has never lost a game, because it's only just been invented. Janusz Przeniczny muses on his new club

I wasn't there: The day we hammered Huddersfield 2-2

By Richard Lord, 15 February 2019

In 1997, a Mariners performance left a young Rich Lord unable to tear himself away from the radio, then unable to listen to it

Whither the Chips?

By Cod Almighty, 31 January 2019

Who else got this cracking football annual for Christmas?

Just Seventeenth

By Cod Almighty, 28 January 2019

This week's copy of Just Seventeenth features Foxy on the cover, fashion advice and 4 posters! Get yersen down the shops

Nunty Comic

By Cod Almighty, 21 January 2019

This week's Nunty comic sees John unveil his vision for the future

Plastics: the only way up is to stay down

By Bored Member, 18 January 2019

Blundell Park is under threat from the scourge of the fair weather fan. Stern measures are needed. Bored Member is on the case

The night we thrashed Spurs 0-3

By Pat Bell, 8 January 2019

The defeat at Crystal Palace was not the only time Town have been magnificent in defeat. Pat Bell remembers when Spurs visited Blundell Park in 1991

I was there when Town won at Selhurst

By Peter Anderson, 3 January 2019

Away wins for Town at Crystal Palace have been few and far between. Peter Anderson is one of very few to have witnessed one

The year we touched the sky

By Lee Johnson, 9 December 2018

In 1983-84, Town achieved their best league position since dropping out of the top flight in 1948. Lee Johnson saw every game

Live streaming: embrace the change

By Alex Gerlis, 5 December 2018

It can open up Town games to people who otherwise wouldn't follow them at all. Alex Gerlis makes the case for live streaming

Brian Hill and other crimes against humanity

By Tony Barker, 30 November 2018

In a pivotal match in 1991, referee Brian Hill ignored a blatant penalty-area foul on Shaun Cunnington. Tony Barker remembers

Fortress Blundell Park?

By John Perry, 29 November 2018

Is Blundell Park a fortress? John Perry looks at the numbers.

The Cod Almighty guide to modern football

By Rich Mills, 21 November 2018

Cut through modern football's inpenetrable jargon with our simple guide

A hero and the price he paid: Matt Tees and dementia

By Ron Counte, 8 November 2018

Matt Tees made a generation of fans fall in love with Grimsby Town, but at a price. Ron Counte remembers. Now with your comments added

Brian Hill: wonderful wing-raider

By Gordon Wilson, 29 October 2018

In the 1960s, Grimsby enjoyed the services of a winger who could torment England internationals. Gordon Wilson remembers Brian Hill

A Tommy of the Town digest

By Cod Almighty, 4 October 2018

There's more Tommy on the way so why not remind yourselves what your heroes got up to last season

Great Scott!

By Rich Mills, 18 September 2018

Andy Freeman's two-parter on the career of Johnny Scott inspired Cod Almighty's readers to draw on their memories of the great man

April showers

By Ron Counte, 1 August 2018

Last season Town fans experienced every possible emotion in one remarkable month. Ron Counte will never forget how it felt

Parklife: a seventies childhood on Sussex Rec

By Ron Counte, 24 July 2018

"We played football. Lots of it. Every day." Ron Counte remembers the long summer holidays of the early 1970s

Of Owls and Cods

By Gordon Wilson, 19 July 2018

Could the Mariners face Cleethorpes Town in a league fixture one day? Gordon Wilson knows a club that's risen from the same level as the Owls

They used to play on gravel: seven intriguing GTFC friendlies

By Pete Green, 17 July 2018

The club's first ever match in 1878, a thrashing of Japan under McMenemy, a gravel pitch in Iceland, and much more...

GTFC Happiness Index July 2018

By Peter Anderson & Rich Mills, 16 July 2018

We're here to help you track the local mood, despite the Grimbarian's binary think-habit of despair or euphoria