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A history of Town kits: 1980-84

By Paul Thundercliffe, 7 April 2020

Admiral, Adidas and Hobott designed some of Town's best kits, to dress one of Town's best teams. Paul Thundercliffe starts his history of the Grimsby strip

2019-20: players and fans deserve a fair finish

By John England, 1 April 2020

Expunging results from the lower leagues is ill-thought out, clumsy and wrong. John England argues we all deserve a fairer finish to 2019-20


By Chris Smith, 30 March 2020

We are taking an enforced break from football. For Chris Smith, it isn't the first time, so he knows our love of the game will be all the stronger when it returns

The Thundercliffe Files: Jollification

By Paul Thundercliffe, 27 March 2020

Michael Jolley's Town career summarised, to a soundtrack by the Lightning Seeds

The Thundercliffe Files: how to fill the Townhole

By Paul Thundercliffe, 20 March 2020

Suddenly we all have a Townhole, but there are ways to fill it

The Thundercliffe Files: Marching season

By Paul Thundercliffe, 12 March 2020

This end of season may be a dress rehearsal for next year, but promotion and a strong March go together hand in hand.

The Thundercliffe Files: kicking off

By Paul Thundercliffe, 6 March 2020

How effective is the 1pm kick-off for managing crowd behaviour?

John Fenty: a pattern of behaviour

By Pat Bell, 2 March 2020

John Fenty has said he will no longer be involved in the day-to-day running of Grimsby Town. Looking at his record, let's hope he really means it

The Thundercliffe Files: leaping around

By Paul Thundercliffe, 28 February 2020

Leap years tend to be turning points in Town's fortunes. What might 2020 bring?

The Thundercliffe Files: The Hollo-way

By Paul Thundercliffe, 21 February 2020

Both our first and our most recent games in 2019-20 were wins over Morecambe. But they show how much has changed at Blundell Park

The Thundercliffe Files: trebles all round

By Paul Thundercliffe, 14 February 2020

Hat-tricks have been rare in the League. All the more reason to celebrate them

The Thundercliffe Files: the old, new ground merry-go-round

By Paul Thundercliffe, 7 February 2020

Could the Mariners wind up a stone's throw from The Mariners Rest? Or should we wait until the spade is in the ground?

The Thundercliffe Files: cup tired?

By Paul Thundercliffe, 31 January 2020

The big money clubs are gunning for the domestic cups. Why should they steal our memories?

The Thundercliffe Files: sitting room only?

By Paul Thundercliffe, 24 January 2020

Both reserved and unreserved seating have flaws for away fans. Perhaps the solution is to reintroduce safe standing areas

The Thundercliffe Files: down the hatch

By Paul Thundercliffe, 17 January 2020

Paul Linwood is unapologetic about the drinking culture which sent Town into non-League but the hurt still rankles

Ian Holloway: a gust of fresh air

By Jase Ives, 14 January 2020

Ian Holloway offers Grimsby Town a new dawn. The board had driven Jase Ives from Blundell Park, but now he is keen to see what the future holds

The Thundercliffe Files: in exile

By Paul Thundercliffe, 10 January 2020

Town's following at Orient will be swollen by London-based Mariners. The exile experience has changed over the decades but still proves our ties are rooted deep

The Thundercliffe Files: Is the Hollo-way the right way?

By Paul Thundercliffe, 3 January 2020

Ian Holloway is the first big name manager we have had since Lennie Lawrence, but he could be just what we need

The black and white carbuncle

By Pat Bell, 25 December 2019

In a seasonal mystery, Sherlock Holmes uncovers the truth hidden in an unkempt old goose

The Thundercliffe Files: won't you score another goal?

By Paul Thundercliffe, 20 December 2019

Grimsby, if you’ve got to play a game I don’t think I can take the pain. Less East 17, more DN35

The poverty of a dilapidated Blundell Park

By Chris Smith, 15 December 2019

Meagre football in a neglected ground. Chris Smith can't forgive Grimsby Town for making personal anguish feel even worse

Momentum, the crimes of communism, and Radio Humberside

By Janusz Przeniczny, 15 December 2019

In response to our post-election diary, Janusz Przeniczny lays the blame at the doors of Jeremy Corbyn, and Radio Humberside

The Thundercliffe Files: a team of the 2010s

By Paul Thundercliffe, 13 December 2019

We are back where we were in December 2009, but we have had some good players come and go through the decade

The Thundercliffe Files: overcoming isolation

By Paul Thundercliffe, 6 December 2019

Dover Athletic and even many top flight clubs have their training base many miles from their ground. Is it time Grimsby Town followed suit?

The Thundercliffe Files: the warning from a sagging gate

By Paul Thundercliffe, 29 November 2019

Tuesday night's low attendance was a warning sign for a club that has failed to build on what it had

The Thundercliffe Files: Jolley departs

By Paul Thundercliffe, 21 November 2019

Will it be a case of what might have been for Michael Jolley and GTFC?

The Brexit Party at Blundell Park: a statement

By Cod Almighty, 15 November 2019

In welcoming Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party to Blundell Park, Grimsby Town last night made hundreds of fans feel unwelcome

The Thundercliffe Files: respite, reset and restart

By Paul Thundercliffe, 14 November 2019

Perhaps Town's enforced break is a chance for all of us - management, players and fans - to reset the season

The Thundercliffe Files: FA Cup mud, sweat and tears

By Paul Thundercliffe, 8 November 2019

We might not win the cup one day. But it still gives us great games and memorable goals

Cryptic Cod

By Gild Thy Coma, 6 November 2019

Some fanzines bring you acute football insights and inside information. We give you a Town-themed cryptic crossword

The Grim Reality October 2019: thin pickings

By Richard Lord, 4 November 2019

Applying fantasy football scoring to the performances of Town players in October did not do too many of them any favours. Rich Lord reports

The Thundercliffe Files: the carcass trophy

By Paul Thundercliffe, 1 November 2019

Two cup matches 40 years apart show how a once thriving Football League is now riddled with rheumatism

Town take on the Old Invincibles

By Neville Butt, 29 October 2019

Town's second home game after World War Two was a top-flight clash with Preston North End. It was Neville Butt's first match and it set a pattern that would last a lifetime

The Thundercliffe Files: Aaaaaalexander, Alexander, Alexander

By Paul Thundercliffe, 18 October 2019

Keith Alexander brought skill, determination, a touch of the haphazard, and above all a smile to Grimsby Town

The Thundercliffe Files: Where are they dredging up these referees?

By Paul Thundercliffe, 11 October 2019

As the top league hoovers up all the referees to administer VAR, we are left with the dregs. And it shows

The Grim Reality September 2019: Robson rises

By Richard Lord, 10 October 2019

How would Town players perform in fantasy football? Richard Lord does the sums for September

On the doorstep of the club

By Kerry William Purcell, 8 October 2019

Some Town fans travel for half a day to see a home game. For Kerry William Purcell it was different – growing up on Blundell Avenue

The Thundercliffe Files: progress

By Paul Thundercliffe, 4 October 2019

The statistics show that Grimsby Town really are making progress this season

Fenty, Shutes and fan ownership

By Barry Whittleton, 1 October 2019

The plight of Bury does not prove we should be grateful to John Fenty, argues Baz Whittleton: it shows we need fan ownership

The Thundercliffe Files: the value in the tat

By Paul Thundercliffe, 27 September 2019

The football economy creates more than its share of tat. But it doesn't hide how the game gives us a place to be

The Thundercliffe Files: what are Town trying to do?

By Paul Thundercliffe, 20 September 2019

Nine games into the season, Paul Thundercliffe asks what are Jolley and Limbrick trying to get our players to do?

The Thundercliffe Files: the scourge of rulemongering

By Paul Thundercliffe, 12 September 2019

Now and again, people come up with ideas meant to speed up the game. Players soon find ways to slow it down again

The Thundercliffe Files: surveying the Townhole

By Paul Thundercliffe, 6 September 2019

We all have a hole in our lives that only Town can fill. Attendances only tell part of the story of its size

The Grim Reality August 2019: Hanson soars

By Richard Lord, 5 September 2019

How would Town players fare in fantasy football? Rich Lord does the adding up

No to B teams. Yes to the Internet Mariners

By Cod Almighty, 31 August 2019

Once again, the Football League is trying to ram B teams down our throats. But this Tuesday, Town fans can both boycott B teams and support the Mariners

The Thundercliffe Files: united through Alan Buckley

By Paul Thundercliffe, 30 August 2019

A visit to Walsall might not stand out in the fixture list. Except the Saddlers and the Mariners have a hero in common

The Thundercliffe Files: Football is not a television programme

By Paul Thundercliffe, 23 August 2019

Is iFollow a good way for exiles to keep in touch. Or, asks Paul Thundercliffe, is it the thin end of a wedge eroding attendances and revenues?

No advantage: the English FA and the Berkessy affair

By Neville Butt, 20 August 2019

In the 1950s, English football was in decline. But as Neville Butt recalls, still the FA believed they had nothing to learn from other countries

The Thundercliffe Files: who would want football with VAR?

By Paul Thundercliffe, 16 August 2019

Why would anyone think that VAR is good for the game, asks Paul Thundercliffe

False dawn?

By Ron Counte, 12 August 2019

In August 2018, after a draw against likely promotion contenders, hopes were high for the Mariners. But, says Ron Counte, there is no comparison between the side now and then

The Thundercliffe Files: euphoria or functionality?

By Paul Thundercliffe, 9 August 2019

If a player scores against their hometown club, what are they meant to do, asks Paul Thundercliffe

"Jubilation in Fishopolis": 1925-26 final part

By Pat Bell, 6 August 2019

Promotion from Division Three (North) came down to the last day of the season: Grimsby had to win to take the title

The Thundercliffe Files: Start as you mean to go on?

By Paul Thundercliffe, 2 August 2019

Conventional wisdom says a good start is essential for a successful season. Paul Thundercliffe looks for the proof

Another kind of destructive behaviour

By Kelly Billings, 30 July 2019

Nick Dale's views undermine the efforts of other people to make fans feel welcome and engaged at Blundell Park, argues Kelly Billings

The Thundercliffe Files: New season, same game

By Paul Thundercliffe, 26 July 2019

Football's heart beats without the need for corporate sponsors, writes Paul Thundercliffe. It exists despite Sky TV, rather than because of it

Football, friendship and fish and chips

By None, 25 July 2019

John England's tale of his friendship forged with Bill Dorricott through a shared love of the Mariners struck a chord with many of you

The life of a Mariner

By John England, 22 July 2019

Two Town fans in the same Derbyshire village: a time-honoured ritual, great times and some great wins. John England remembers Bill Dorricott

"Vital engagements": 1925-26 part four

By Pat Bell, 18 July 2019

Christmas in 1925 meant football on consecutive days. Grimsby played the league leaders, home and away

Fans of the Future: a small step into an exciting future

By Grant Maconachie, 11 July 2019

Fans of the Future grew out of a small discussion among Town fans. But, writes Grant Maconachie, its ambitions are huge