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We are Town: creating the future we deserve

By Jason Stockwood, 6 May 2021

As the new chair of Grimsby Town, Jason Stockwood is coming home. He makes a request and a commitment to his fellow fans

My time, my money

By Alistair Wilkinson, 5 May 2021

Imagine being inside the head of John Fenty this cold May. That's what Al Wilkinson does in his latest poem

Fenty goes: why now?

By Tony Butcher, 5 May 2021

There has been a question over John Fenty's tax affairs since he sold Five Star Fish in 2004. Tony considers if that could have led to him selling Grimsby Town

The greed killing the game: the Thundercliffe Files

By Paul Thundercliffe, 19 April 2021

The "elite" can play on Mars for all we care. Let us get back to the game we love

Paved with good intentions: the world according to Baz

By Barry Whittleton, 15 April 2021

Despite the rejoicing, 1878 Partners and B Corporation status are no substitute for community ownership

The death of the Fenty era

By Jack Sargent, 13 April 2021

The only surprise is so many accepted it for so long: Jack Sargent spells out the 20-year long misery of supporting Fenty's Grimsby Town

Writing on the wall: the Thundercliffe files

By Paul Thundercliffe, 17 March 2021

iFollowed out, Paul has reached the acceptance stage on this season. Perhaps we need to go one step back to take two steps forward

Reasons to be cheerful: the world according to Baz

By Barry Whittleton, 3 March 2021

It may seem that Town are staring at relegation, but there are still grounds for hope says Baz Whittleton

Give it to Gary

By Tony Butcher, 2 March 2021

They played in the same team, then Gary Lund moved on to be a professional footballer. Then he moved on again. Tony Butcher remembers an old school friend

The Thundercliffe Files: a five-point plan

By Paul Thundercliffe, 18 February 2021

New owners offer Town the chance to rebuild its relationship for the benefit of supporters and the community. Paul identifies some priorities

Ron Rafferty: more valuable than all the Sputniks in Russia

By Neville Butt, 16 February 2021

Ron Rafferty was the lynchpin of Grimsby's talented squad of the last 1950s and early 1960s. Neville Butt remembers his great career

Club ownership: The world according to Baz

By Barry Whittleton, 4 February 2021

There's a nightmare scenario: Fenty has all his money, but we have no ground, no cash and no-League status. Baz Whittleton views our prospects of avoiding it

2010-11: a season in recovery

By Chris Smith, 10 January 2021

Our first season in the Conference was testing, especially for Chris Smith. Yet he drew strength from it

Holloway: The world according to Baz

By Barry Whittleton, 6 January 2021

In resigning as manager, Ian Holloway bottled it. Had he stayed, Baz argues, he could have turned the team around

Paul Hurst's Black and White Scouting Army

By Luke Pawley, 6 January 2021

Luke Pawley gives an insight into how Paul Hurst could develop a high-level scouting and recruitment department at GTFC if he receives the right support.

Ian Holloway: the reality beneath the myth

By Tom Sargent, 31 December 2020

The facts simply don't bear out the idea that Ian Holloway was on course to put Grimsby Town on the right track, says Tom Sargent

28th December 2020: a new Town

By Alistair Wilkinson, 31 December 2020

This week's events could define a new era for Grimsby Town. They stirred Al Wilkinson to pen a new poem.

Cheap and cheerless: how John Fenty runs Grimsby Town

By Lloyd Griffith, 24 December 2020

Footballers talk to each other, and they'll talk about the shabby way they have been treated at Grimsby Town. Lloyd Griffith lifts the lid on Fenty's Grimsby

The flight of Ian Holloway

By Pat Bell, 23 December 2020

Ian Holloway has chosen the very worst moment to dump us. Pat Bell says both he and the man who appointed him - John Fenty - deserve contempt

News (that never happened) - Who Are Ya?

By Peter Anderson, 18 December 2020

As if Town didn't have enough to worry about, they are at the centre of an identity theft scam. Peter Anderson uncovers the tale

John Fenty: a taxing affair

By Tony Butcher, 14 December 2020

The full facts about a company liquidated have never been revealed. Tony Butcher warns they could have huge implications for Grimsby Town

News (that never happened)

By Various, 4 December 2020

Ollie has a selection headache in the return of News (that never happened)

Because it's Saturday: the Ancient Mariners

By Gavin Bell, 29 November 2020

Town feature in a new book about life in the lower leagues. In an exclusive extract, author Gavin Bell meets the Ancient Mariners

Divisions divided: Covid tiers threaten football's integrity

By Chris Smith, 27 November 2020

The tier-restricted return of fans is a threat to the integrity of the League, and, argues Chris Smith to the existence of many northern clubs

Matt Tees: the second coming of the king

By Barry Whittleton, 15 November 2020

He almost doubled the gate on his return and he rescued Town from the doldrums. Baz Whittleton was lucky enough to see Matt Tees play

Matt Tees: how much we have to thank him for

By Gordon Wilson, 5 November 2020

Matt Tees was not only a great footballer. He was a modest, gentle, good-humoured and generous man. Gordon Wilson remembers

Football: a spiritual experience

By Chris Smith, 28 October 2020

The explosion of joy when celebrating a goal is the finest example of living in the moment. Chris Smith meditates on the game

Two ways to draw at Bolton

By Richard Lord, 16 October 2020

Town's game at Bolton brought back memories for Rich Lord. Two very different games, but the same result, and the same away team manager

Harry Betmead: from centre half to centre back

By Gordon Wilson, 13 October 2020

In the 1930s, Grimsby's Harry Betmead was one of the best players in his position in England. But, asks Gordon Wilson, was he a midfielder or defender

Following iFollow

By Various, 15 September 2020

Your tips on watching a game using iFollow

A right of reply

By Dave Roberts, 11 September 2020

The EFL Trophy, communications, the club board, season tickets... Dave Roberts of the Mariners Trust responds to recent discussion points

Land of their fathers, mothers or grandparents

By Dan Humphrey, 2 September 2020

Harry Clifton's latest under-21 call-up reminds us Town have three Wales qualified players. Dan Humphrey reflects

A time capsule

By Ron Counte, 18 August 2020

A match programme from 1958 provides Ron Counte with a fascinating glimpse into the past

Look back in hope

By Gordon Wilson, 29 July 2020

Grimsby Town have survived financial crises before. Gordon Wilson describes how Alderman Barrett led the Mariners out of debt and into a golden age

Dorothy Edwards: a life behind the scenes at Blundell Park

By Avril Taylor, 16 July 2020

In 1971, Dorothy Edwards became the first female Club Secretary in the Football League. Her daughter Avril Taylor remembers her time at GTFC

A history of Town kits: 2004-present

By Paul Thundercliffe, 6 July 2020

A single manufacturer has seen Town through the few highs and many lows of the last decade. Paul Thundercliffe concludes his history of Grimsby kits