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Losing 5-0 was not the worst of it: Town's 1980 Anfield experience

2 May 2019

In 1980, Liverpool could claim to be the best team in the world. But Rob McIlveen remembers their treatment of Town fans was shameful

Uncomfortably young: "This town, you daft twat"

7 June 2016

Kicking a ball into a policeman's garden can be educational. Rob McIlveen remembers how he first heard about Grimsby Town

Grimsby Town's greatest ever right back

23 March 2015

You think you know who is Town's best ever right back? Think again, says Rob Mcilveen

Kevin Moore: how best to remember

13 May 2013

In a touching Kevin Moore tribute, Rob McIlveen recalls how a talented schoolmate became a Mariners legend - and offers to fund a memorial trophy