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News (that never happened) - Who Are Ya?

18 December 2020

As if Town didn't have enough to worry about, they are at the centre of an identity theft scam. Peter Anderson uncovers the tale

We're Grimsby and Aalst

Match report

12 January 2020

We're Grimsby and Aalst

Oh, my bagel!

Match report

29 September 2019

Oh, my bagel!

Proper ground, proper floodlights

21 February 2019

We've seen our last game under BP's historic lights without even knowing it, laments Peter Anderson. How could this happen?

I was there when Town won at Selhurst

3 January 2019

Away wins for Town at Crystal Palace have been few and far between. Peter Anderson is one of very few to have witnessed one

GTFC Happiness Index July 2018

16 July 2018

We're here to help you track the local mood, despite the Grimbarian's binary think-habit of despair or euphoria

No Surprises, Russ's budget jaffas fire blanks again.

Match report

12 November 2017

No Surprises, Russ's budget jaffas fire blanks again.

"It didn't have to be perfect": Podge's Braintree penalty

8 May 2017

When he prepared to take a penalty at Braintree, a whole season rested on his shoulders. But Pádraig Amond knew he'd score

Wycombe Wanderers woodworkers

Match report

14 August 2016

Wycombe Wanderers woodworkers

Cloughie's Mariners XI

8 August 2016

A Town XI endorsed by Brian Clough? This ain't no fantasy, young man!

A rough guide to... Mansfield Town

1 August 2016

Mansfield got out of the Conference before the Mariners, but since then the only promotion they've had has been of the dodgy PR kind. Peter Anderson reports

A rough guide to... Crawley Town

1 August 2016

Crawley count Steve Evans and Richard Brodie among their old boys and are sponsored by Checkatrade. Peter Anderson struggles to find empathy

First Team Vacancy (Voluntary)

6 July 2016

Town are looking for a 30+ goals-a-season striker. Is that you? Could you offer your time for free?

Wrestling with pigs

22 June 2016

Toto Nsiala is far from the first Town player to leave the club after abuse from fans. Peter Anderson weighs up rights and responsibilities

B teams: supporters must say no

13 June 2016

Despite fan opposition, the Football League is still trying to fit Premier League B teams into its competitions. We must resist

Arrested development

28 October 2014

Could the Mariners learn a lesson from the past in giving young players more opportunities to improve? Peter Anderson thinks so