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Knowing us, knowing Andy Holt

26 April 2022

He lives in a land down under but you can still hear Cod Almighty's original stat-man thunder against jogging Danny B

Rough Guide to... Tamworth

27 August 2010

2010-11 Rough Guide to Tamworth

All-White now

25 June 2010

New Zealand may have left the World Cup early as expected, but they have much to be proud of, says Andy Holt

Is white the new black?

1 December 2009

New Zealand football is on the up

Ballpark Figures: Ten at a time

12 February 2007

Have we ever scored ten goals in two games before?

Ballpark Figures: Just how bad is it?

4 September 2006

Is Town's poor start to the season a usual occurrence?

Ballpark Figures: Is it twirly?

30 August 2006

Does a poor August suggest a poor season?

Player profiles: Gary Cohen

28 July 2006

2006-07 player profiles: Gary Cohen

Rough guide to... Shrewsbury Town

27 July 2006

2006-07 rough guide to... Shrewsbury Town

Rough guide to... Torquay United

1 July 2006

2006-07 rough guide to... Torquay United

A tale of two errors

Match report

26 November 2004

A tale of two errors

Striking resemblance

20 May 2004

On a recent trip to New York, Andy Holt decided to take in a Yankees match

Out of Africa

3 November 2002

Andy Holt reports back on football in the Ivory Coast

180 minutes of fame

1 October 2002

Andy Holt appeared on the Sky Fanzone twice. Tony Rogers asks him about his experience