Match stats: Accrington Stanley v Grimsby

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Saturday 3 February 2024

Division 4

Accrington Stanley 0

Grimsby Town 0

Attendance: 2,745 (688 away fans)

Cod Almighty man of the match: Harry Clifton

Something of a tossup, but everyone would be too kind and no-one far too harsh. Thompson looked a find for 30 minutes before he faded, Cartwright and Rodgers were very confident in answering the few easy questions which Accrington asked of them. Perhaps its a home-town decision but Clifton gets the nod: when Town most looked like winning it was because he was somewhere close to his irrepressible best.

Our gaffer says

For a man of scientific letters at a club driven by data Mr Artell (Bsc Hons, MSc, Phd, Swimming Grade 3) is curiously incurious as to the facts of our past life. Hey Big D you could look up when we last had two clean sheets on the bounce, you know, or ask the man with a mouse sat in front of that computer we bought in them olden times of peasants and serfs.

Dr Mesmer delved deeply into his big bag of rhetorical tricks and up popped the concept of catachresis. I won't insult you by reminding you that this is the use of language that creates a literary effect (but often without regard for literal significance). Doh, too late:

"It felt like we were the better team, we were the better team but… two clean sheets on the road doesn't make a summer."

So we still haven't reach the Fist Pump Threshold then.

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Their gaffer says

Hey John, is your glass half full, half empty, or do you just not see a glass at all.

He just lost track of time and, despite having two Woods in the building, he couldn't see the woods for the trees. For this this strange fish called Coley, this Merseybeat downbeat, things can only get better:

"They did well, they had a few new players in who were quite keen…in the last 20 minutes they were better than us so give them a round of applause for that but we know we can play better than that, we've got look at how to be better, we've got to be better, we know that"

And things also go better with butter, Johnny Boy.

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Certainly not world-beaters, not even division four beaters, but good enough to suggest our current position will improve. We were no longer easy to open up and we looked more like scoring than conceding.


Rarely have opponents left so little impression: harmless.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

We came, we saw, we mingled, we didn't moan and we drew.

Official warning

Mr D Rock

Early on, Mr Rock gave Accrington an advantage when it looked like it was them who had committed the foul, but after that you could forget he was there. No awful fouls, a couple of late tackles that just merited yellow cards, no controversies and no complaints; he'll have had harder days: 7.

Readers' digest

Half a loaf.


Accrington Stanley: Vitek, O'Brien, Hills, Gubbins, Shipley, Martin, Woods (Conneely 74), Henderson (Pritchard 58, Rich-Baghuelou 89), Bickerstaff (Leigh 58), Nolan; Woods

Booked: Woods

Town: Cartwright; Smith, Rodgers, Maher, Hume; Thompson (Green 69), Gnahoua (Vernam 68), Holohan, Clifton, Eisa; Rose

Subs not used: Eastwood, Wood, Andrews, Obikwu, Mullarkey

Booked: Hume