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Tuesday 17 September 2019

Salford City (Away)

Division 4

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14 September 2019

Oldham Athletic 2 Town 2

Town's late rally retrieves the point from a scrappy show. Good opening six minutes though

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Previously: Macclesfield Town (H)

Report: London Calling

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Danny Butterfield's uncle is the more famous entrepreneur extraordinaire, Brian Butterfield. Brian taught Danny to jog at the age of four.


In the weekend diary: the offing, the penalty save, the player of the month, the "new man" and the greasiest hair in the entire football kingdom

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main feature

The Thundercliffe Files: the scourge of rulemongering

Now and again, people come up with ideas meant to speed up the game. Players soon find ways to slow it down again

The Thundercliffe Files: surveying the Townhole

We all have a hole in our lives that only Town can fill. Attendances only tell part of the story of its size

The Grim Reality August 2019: Hanson soars

How would Town players fare in fantasy football? Rich Lord does the adding up

No to B teams. Yes to the Internet Mariners

Once again, the Football League is trying to ram B teams down our throats. But this Tuesday, Town fans can both boycott B teams and support the Mariners

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The finest in Europe; Alan Buckley; attendances; and a Nobel Prize for Literature nomination


Five games without a goal? We've got just the tonic, a quiz about goals, by Jamie Anderson with Liz Anderson

From the archive

Pete Green on the pearls of wisdom bestowed only on those fortunate enough to be born within the shadow of Grimsby dock tower


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