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Tuesday 23 July 2019

Scarborough Athletic (Away)


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20 July 2019

Town 1 Doncaster Rovers 0

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Thomas Pinault (2004-2005) 43 apps

Midfielder, Frenchman. Did not conform to national stereotypes, but did drive a Renault Clio and smoke lots.


In Tuesday's diary: 336 positions to hold a board on the pitch; do we need another right-back; summer football and the residual goth; and two games at once

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The life of a Mariner

Two Town fans in the same Derbyshire village: a time-honoured ritual, great times and some great wins. John England remembers Bill Dorricott

"Vital engagements": 1925-26 part four

Christmas in 1925 meant football on consecutive days. Grimsby played the league leaders, home and away

Fans of the Future: a small step into an exciting future

Fans of the Future grew out of a small discussion among Town fans. But, writes Grant Maconachie, its ambitions are huge

Parklife revisited

A half-brick goalpost turned lethal weapon; two and you're through; rolled-up in a foam-backed mat; and the slow death of a plastic ball. More summer holiday memories

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Pioneers of women's football; neglected goals; penalty takers; replica shirts


Five games without a goal? We've got just the tonic, a quiz about goals, by Jamie Anderson with Liz Anderson

From the archive

"We played football. Lots of it. Every day." Ron Counte remembers the long summer holidays of the early 1970s


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