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22 May 2016

Town 0 Halifax Town 1

In the end, promotion distracts from the real business of the FA Trophy

Report: A waste of time

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Previously: Forest Green Rovers (N)

Report: We're comin' home

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Gordon Walker (1968-1969) 27 apps

Record holder of both the tallest and the worst striker ever to play for the Mariners.


In your weekend diary: what the hell just happened to us in the last fortnight?

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We're on our way: Meeky's promotion poem

Town's return to the Football League has moved Steve Meek to light-hearted comic verse

Being Nemo: the misfortune of the exiled junior Mariner

For the children of exiled Mariners, Town's play-off final win was the day they finally did understand

A lifetime of passion

As Town prepare for another Wembley play-off final, Sarah Mann-Needs has a particularly good reason to dream of victory

From Grimsby, not in Grimsby

Town fans who live in Grimsby don't know how lucky they are, says Ireland exile Nick Andrews

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It's been ages, like Town winning at Wembley. OK, not quite that long. Here are some letters what you done and wrote


Our latest quiz tempers your pre-season optimism with a look back at first games of seasons past

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Pete Green on the pearls of wisdom bestowed only on those fortunate enough to be born within the shadow of Grimsby dock tower


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