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Wednesday 22 March 2023

Mansfield Town (Away)

Division 4

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last match

19 March 2023

Brighton & Hove Albion 5 Town 0

'Tis only a scratch

Report: 24-hour party people

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Previously: Sutton United (A)

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Dave 'Wahey' Boylen (1965-77) 384 apps

At 2' 3" the smallest ever player to grace Blundell Park. Now works as an undercover ball boy.


In Monday's Miss Guest diary: the cup run is over, but it's still magic

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Welcome to Grimsby

A town not in Yorkshire, the reputation of its football club protected by the Grimsby Reaper and glorified by an inflatable fish. Pete Anderson's starter pack for temporary Town fans

An ancient Mariner reaches back

Our own ancient Mariner, Neville Butt, has a wander down memory lane to find the connections between the Mariners and the Saints

Increasing capacity at Blundell Park

Rich Lord argues that waiting for Blundell Park to sell out more regularly may not be the best policy to decide when its capacity should be increased

Another Meek Moment in Time

Meek heard the news today, oh boy

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A hotbed of football for the Newcastle student; a pitch for the producers at Netflix


A quiz on 1971-72 from Rob McIlveen, the author of Walking down the Grimsby Road

From the archive

A good cup run can be at the heart of a club's revival. Pat Bell remembers 1988-89


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