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Saturday 8 May 2021

Cambridge United (Away)

Division 4

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last match

1 May 2021

Town 1 Port Vale 0

It's a win. We'll take it.

Report: Do dead rubber cats bounce?

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Previously: Exeter City (A)

Report: The End

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Dave Worthington (1966-1973) 293 apps

Defender, hair salon owner. Known to moonlight as an ice cream salesman on Meggies front during the close season.


In the weekend Daubney Diary: GY paradoxical ironies and unexplained events; must-win games defined; drawing a line

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main feature

We are Town: creating the future we deserve

As the new chair of Grimsby Town, Jason Stockwood is coming home. He makes a request and a commitment to his fellow fans

Fenty goes: why now?

There has been a question over John Fenty's tax affairs since he sold Five Star Fish in 2004. Tony considers if that could have led to him selling Grimsby Town

My time, my money

Imagine being inside the head of John Fenty this cold May. That's what Al Wilkinson does in his latest poem

The greed killing the game: the Thundercliffe Files

The "elite" can play on Mars for all we care. Let us get back to the game we love

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In this week's postbag the great Lincolnshire sausage debate rages on.


What do you know of 1979-80? Rob McIlveen, author of Champions!, the great new book on the season tests your knowledge

From the archive

A team wrecked by the boardroom and a bad manager? Sounds familiar, but this was 1987, and in the end good things came from the wreckage


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