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Saturday 26 January 2019


Division 4

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22 January 2019

Forest Green Rovers 3 Town 0


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Previously: Lincoln City (A)

Report: Battered prawns in sweet and sour sauce

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Kingsley Black (1996-2001) 141 apps

Winger, hole dweller, set pieceist. Hit 96.3% of all free kicks three inches above the crossbar.


In Wednesday's diary: love is a rollercoaster

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Plastics: the only way up is to stay down

Blundell Park is under threat from the scourge of the fair weather fan. Stern measures are needed. Bored Member is on the case

The night we thrashed Spurs 0-3

The defeat at Crystal Palace was not the only time Town have been magnificent in defeat. Pat Bell remembers when Spurs visited Blundell Park in 1991

I was there when Town won at Selhurst

Away wins for Town at Crystal Palace have been few and far between. Peter Anderson is one of very few to have witnessed one

The year we touched the sky

In 1983-84, Town achieved their best league position since dropping out of the top flight in 1948. Lee Johnson saw every game

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Pioneers of women's football; neglected goals; penalty takers; replica shirts


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