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Saturday 7 July 2018

Cleethorpes Town (Away)


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last match

5 May 2018

Forest Green Rovers 0 Town 3

Report: We've only just begun

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Report: The safety dance

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In the weekend diary: creative kits; the club that likes to bugger up media deadlines; nicknames

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The blame game

Two years after regaining our place in the Football League, why was it so nearly lost again? Ron Counte considers who is to blame

Enter Jolley and enter hope

The win again Notts County confirms Town's transformation under Michael Jolley. Ian Jackson, and his eight-year-old son, are grateful.

April and May 1998

On the 20th anniversary of Town's first visit to Wembley, Al Wilkinson asks how long will the memories live

A rallying call to Town fans

As the Mariners prepare for their biggest game in seven days, Matt Quinton turns to Shakespeare for inspiration

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Life lessons, shower installations, John Fenty statements, graphs and violence, all in our latest postbag.


Get yer sen a pint in and a bag of pork scratchings too and settle down for the first Cod Almighty quiz since God was a lad

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For the children of exiled Mariners, Town's play-off final win was the day they finally did understand


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