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Monday 1 June 2020

Newport County (Away)

Division 4

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last match

7 March 2020

Scunthorpe United 0 Town 2

There are worse last game to have showing for weeks, we guess

Report: Chips with everything

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Previously: Plymouth Argyle (A)

Post-match stats

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The Barrett Stand rumble could be felt as far away as Humberston Fitties.


In Thursday's diary: a one-size lockdown doesn't fit all - stay safe and stay sensible

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2019-20: players and fans deserve a fair finish

Expunging results from the lower leagues is ill-thought out, clumsy and wrong. John England argues we all deserve a fairer finish to 2019-20


We are taking an enforced break from football. For Chris Smith, it isn't the first time, so he knows our love of the game will be all the stronger when it returns

The Thundercliffe Files: Jollification

Michael Jolley's Town career summarised, to a soundtrack by the Lightning Seeds

The Thundercliffe Files: how to fill the Townhole

Suddenly we all have a Townhole, but there are ways to fill it

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A bumper postbag on away days, Holloway, refs, drinking, gambling and everyone's favourite non-non-non chairman


Joe Waters' planned visit to Blundell Park next month has been scuppered so here's a quick quiz to ease the disappointment

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From Pat Glover to John Oster, Wales has provided many of Town's greatest ever players. Pat Bell picks a Welsh Mariners XI to prove it


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