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Monday 23 May 2022

Notts County (Away)

Conference Premier

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last match

15 May 2022

Eastleigh 4 Town 4

One of your common or garden 4-4 draws

Report: What a shower

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Previously: Boreham Wood (H)

Report: Report on the construction of situations

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John Shelton Fenty's favourite colour is not orange, but cerise.


In the weekend BOTB diary: RetroSchmetro; idiots on pitches; the fascist regime; we could get promoted

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Knowing us, knowing Bill Meek

Why are you going to read this article? Because it's Retro Diary, the very top of the barrel of diarists. Some things are a given, and we give you the musings of the elder Meek.

Non-League Ex-Mariner Watch

James Howes' football stats job takes him the length and breadth of Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire watching non-League football every week

Knowing us, knowing Andy Holt

He lives in a land down under but you can still hear Cod Almighty's original stat-man thunder against jogging Danny B

Knowing us, knowing Jase Ives

Take a peek through clean windows into the world of occasional thunderer and regular correspondent, Jase Ives, and you too can see what he can see.

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Serge Makofo still a-go-go; the inside track on the Wilderness Boys


Whet your appetite for the new book on 1971-72 with our new quiz from Rob McIlveen, the author of Walking down the Grimsby Road

From the archive

Town's start to this season has a bit in common with 1990-91. It turned out alright, just. Paul Thundercliffe and Pat Bell share their reminiscences


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