A great day out

Cod Almighty | Article

by Mark Stilton

5 October 2004

One of our fabulous executive boxes

For Mariners fans, there is nothing better than a trip to the hallowed turf of Blundell Park to watch Town take on their latest opponents. Saturday 30 October is no exception, when the super black and whites entertain Swansea City in Coca-Cola League Two.

But could it get better?

Well actually, it can... and here at CA we're offering you the chance to sample the high life at BP in our latest cut-price auction!

Sitting in your usual spot with a pie and a programme is all well and good... but how about this to liven up your match day against Swansea:

  • A tour of the box with the erudite Diary showing you all the 'secret places' where your hero - whether that's poet Al Wilkinson, Tony Butcher or the Postbag - has slept after a night of heavy drinking
  • A fabulous meal of scraps of left-over pie and hot dogs that get dumped near you as you're mistaken for a bin
  • Access to the 'executive' lounge (i.e. outside)
  • A complimentary copy of the award-winning 'How to Swear' pamphlet by CA's own Mat Hare - why not try out a few choice phrases on the referee?
  • Front-row seats in the box to watch the match from whichever stand you get dumped in. Or ask to be moved at random intervals during the match
  • Half-time left-over tea and coffee poured in to the top of the box by disgruntled supporters

You can't argue, it's an offer that any Town fan would jump at, and a day that won't be forgotten by you, your stalker, that manager whose job you want or your worst enemy.

Only one place available.