Guidelines for submitting material

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Want to write for Cod Almighty? We'd love to hear from you. CA welcomes articles, reports and other material from external contributors. All submissions are considered on merit – you don't have to agree with the CA team to have anything published; you just have to write a half-decent piece. (Sexist, racist and homophobic sentiments are obviously unacceptable, however.)

Feature articles and match reports should be at least 500 words in length. There is no upper limit, but for anything beyond 2,500 words you might want to contact us to discuss it. Similarly, if you have an idea for a series of articles on a common theme then please get in touch to suggest it before you write.

If you'd like to write for us but don't have a specific idea for an article, how about penning a player profileRough Guide, or an addition to one of our series? Quite a few of our writers work in this way.

Please use the Cod Almighty feedback form for your initial contact with us, giving a rough outline of your piece (or your proposal for one) and remembering to include your email address. A member of the CA editorial team will get in touch with you shortly afterwards.

Any submission you make will be edited for spelling and grammar and to ensure consistency with Cod Almighty's house style. If you'd like us to await your approval of any amendments before making the piece live, then please let us know when you submit it. Please also ask if you'd like to know more about our house style or the editing process.

Remember when writing for Cod Almighty that we position the site to be read and understood by supporters of other clubs as well as Town fans, so try to keep in-jokes to a minimum and explain your references where necessary.

If your piece has already been published elsewhere before you submit it to CA then we'll usually decline to run it, even if you retain the copyright. This is not because we want to discourage our contributors from writing for other people; simply that we wouldn't wish to step on the toes of other zines or websites by duplicating material that they have already carried.

If we publish your piece then you are entitled to stand on the hallowed turf of the contributors page. Should you wish to take up this honour, please let us have a few words of biog at some point and we'll sort it out.

Copyright with all material published on Cod Almighty remains with the authors, who are therefore free to republish elsewhere later. (It would be nice if a republished article could acknowledge that it originally appeared on CA but we are in no position legally to insist on this.) Any material can be removed from the site at the author's request.