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8 May 2023

Town 1 Wimbledon 0

Town stroll through Shaun Pearson's farewell game

Report: Doubtless the world's most important spoon

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Previously: Stevenage (A)

Report: Reflections on the art of losing

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In Monday's Miss Guest diary: irritation with the modern world exacerbated by bad weather, bad cricket and lack of football

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We're Beautiful South

Our resident poet, Al Wilkinson, marks the coronation of King Harry with an ode to Town's joyous cup romp

The future of tomorrow is here, yesterday

Our AI author JAIson St0ckw00d tells us how AI, data and technology will drive football in the future.

Dieseruvwe Survivors Support Group

Wrexham and Notts fans gather at the Racecourse today as they try to come to terms with the 2022 National League Playoffs

Welcome to Grimsby

A town not in Yorkshire, the reputation of its football club protected by the Grimsby Reaper and glorified by an inflatable fish. Pete Anderson's starter pack for temporary Town fans

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A hotbed of football for the Newcastle student; a pitch for the producers at Netflix


It's Town's Ascension Day. Take a nostalgic trip down Meadow Lane and other side streets with a quiz on all things play-off.

From the archive

A good cup run can be at the heart of a club's revival. Pat Bell remembers 1988-89


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