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"I grew up an Imp, but this site makes me almost wish I'd leaned a few miles the other way to become a Mariner... Over the past six years there's been consistently better football writing here than on most, if not all, of our national broadsheets. Long may Grimsby's crapness continue to inspire them."
Ian Plenderleith, WSC Weekly Howl 29 August 2008

"Where do you start? A wonderful, wonderful independent site full of gems, humour, wisdom, poetry, rubbish, reports and, of course, fish. The best independent club site I've ever seen, bar none. Should be required reading for all aspiring webmasters, if only to scare off the incompetent. Fantastic, superb and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Well done me, not one dodgy fish pun."

"Excellent... ringing with joyful self-mockery."
David ConnThe Guardian

"Updated almost daily with sharp, witty prose, supplemented by blackly funny match reports and features. And check out Sepp Natter."
Ian Plenderleith again, listing CA as one of his top five club websites in theWhen Saturday Comes 'Festive Twenty' web review in 2004

"Grimsby's astoundingly good webzine"
All Quiet In The East Stand

"You're better than the official site." 
Dale LadsonGrimsby Town Football Club

"A jolly impressive Grimsby Town web site. Looks like they've rolled it themselves. I suggest to their employers that perhaps they might be slacking at work?"
Black Arab

"Yes....yes....yes....yes...yes!...yes!....YES! YES! YES! YEEEEEESSSSSSS!! That's how much I enjoyed this site. If only all independent sites were this good! Check out their Rough Guide to div 3 (they've got us spot on, scarily so), read the daily diary, laugh at the fun stuff and lots, lots more. Excellent and thoroughly RECOMMENDED. I need a lie down, anyone got a tissue?"
Ciderspace again. They like us, don't they?

"Truly wonderful... worth a look at any time, not just around the match for something cheerfully different and well written"

"Just to let you know, I think the site is great. 'A nearly wet me sen' while I was reading it."
Andrew Swinburn

"I know what I like and I like this website: forthright, informed and kind."
Mike Prowle

"Perhaps the foremost Grimsby Town internet fanzine"
Paul MacInnesThe Guardian

"Site is really good! You should look at gulliversniteclub.co.uk"
Michelle Low, Gulliver's nightclub

"Your site caught my eye and I confess it is rather impressive and very informative."
Meghna Khanna, Gamebookers Ltd

"One of the best-written sites we know and a source of constant inspiration to the onevalefan team, it's a must-visit."

"Possibly the best football fanzine on the Internet"
Dr Jörg WagnerUniversity of Kassel, Germany

"What a great site. Not as good as the Huddersfield one though."
Posh Out West

"This website is fantastic. Rarely does a site demand such regular reading and is full of wit, intelligence and comedy."
Downhill Second Half

"Brilliantly scathing on a daily basis."
WSC again, listing CA as one of the top club websites in the When Saturday Comes Web Awards in 2009

"Still by far and away the best individual team site with its persistently brilliant gallows humour, poetry and insight on a daily basis. Cod only knows how they keep it up, but this is the model to follow for all club webzines."
WSC again! It's a gold for us in the 2010 Web Awards

"The best fan blog [sic.] on the web"
Nobby & Ready's Fantasy Football League

"The sine qua non of club websites, rightly recognised as such by When Saturday Comes, and the automatic first stop for anything to do with the Mariners."
Two Unfortunates