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That's just not my style, baby

Can't stand the sight of the beach? Think red is the colour of do-gooder, Guardian-munching liberals? Fear not my pernickety pumpkins - you can choose a background image and colour scheme from the selection below to make the Cod Almighty site suit your own personal preferences.

Simply select the preferred image and colour below and the site will forever be styled to your choosing.

We'll have to stick one of them there cookies on your machine in order to remember the choice you've made, so if you don't like cookies or you have them switched off on your browser then we're afraid you'll just have to stick with the scheme we've chosen.

Go crazy, you wild-eyed children!

By the way, the background image won't show on your phone or on Internet Explorer 8 or below.

Background image

Life's a beach
John's salt marsh
No image

Colour scheme

Sock Red
Civil Servant Grey