Town's sunny spell rains on Burns's parade!

Cod Almighty | Article

by Pete Green

30 August 2005

Rapid rise up league creates unexpected outbreaks of happiness

AFTER the Mariners' improved form took them to a third straight victory on bank holiday Monday, BBC Radio Humberside's post-match phone-in took an unusual turn as the notoriously despondent supporters who ring in were left with little option but to talk about the weather.

The programme's avuncular host, David 'Burnsy' Burns, was for once at a loss for words as, rather than savage the tactics of Town boss Russell Slade and call for his replacement by John Cockerill, caller after caller expressed delight at the fine climatic conditions that prevailed across the Humber estuary for most of the afternoon.

"I tell you what, right, it was lovely out there today," said one Grimsby fan. "We had a bit of a shower about half one but it cleared up in plenty of time for kick off, and most of the second half it was dead sunny and that, to be honest with you Burnsy."

Attempts by the befuddled Burns to steer callers towards the glorious early goal from veteran defender John McDermott, which set Town on course to their satisfying 2-0 win over previously unbeaten Rushden, only seemed to strengthen the resolve of the Mariners faithful to praise the sun's determined efforts to shine.

"It was a good performance out there after half time by the star that gives life to our solar system," enthused another satisfied Mariner. "The sun's never-say-die attitude, which is just what you need at this level, was obvious today even from where me and me mates sit, on the back row of the Pontoon, 93 million miles away."

In his increasing desperation, Burns appealed to Rushden supporters travelling back to Northamptonshire from the match to phone in with their take on the controversial penalty that wrapped up three points for the home side after what appeared to be a foul on Michael Reddy's hair. But the only note of disagreement was struck by an away fan who felt that other callers were failing to recognise the less obvious but equally important contribution of the gentle sea breeze to the day's agreeable conditions.

Eventually it was left to local BBC weather forecaster Paul Hudson to give an explanation for Town fans' bout of meteorological madness.

"The unexpected outbreak of weather discussion on today's phone-in was due to an intense area of low pressure created by the Mariners' sudden rise up the fourth division league table," said Hudson. "This gives rise to a curious phenomenon mostly unfamiliar to residents of the North East Lincolnshire region, which is known by experts as 'being happy'.

"Because of the increasing unpredictability of today's weather events which stems from the acceleration of global climate change, it would never have happened in Lawrie Mac's day."