Midsummer Meek That Was

Cod Almighty | Article

by Steve Meek

25 July 2005

For football fans the summer months stretch out as uninvitingly as An Evening With Jim Davidson at Grimsby Auditorium.

So here at Cod Almighty we were delighted to be invited to share in a week in the life of our resident poseur of the Pontoon, Mr Steve Meek.

The eponymous 'star' of The Meek That Was had expressed a desire to show himself to be a finely adjusted and well-rounded human being. A person with a full life, more than capable of surviving three months without Town.

We had a good time, as these photos will show. But still something didn't ring true. It all seemed too idyllic, too rosy to be the full picture.

Our fears were confirmed the following week when we pinned a tail on the Meeky and had him secretly followed by long-time associate Roy.

His revealing photo evidence will follow later. But first enjoy the following scenes of midsummer madness. Who knows - maybe you'll be inspired to take up a new hobby or simply get out more. You should, you know; you really should.

Dining out: the fruit shoot gives the Meek one of his five-a-day fruit and veg. Nice one! Dining out

Sporting activities: 2012 - is it a dream? Sporting activities

Cultural pursuits: the appreciation of art is a constant joy. Cultural pursuits

Stamp collecting: not the sole preserve of dull old men. Dull younger men can also partake. Stamp collecting

Nature's friend! The idea of tits nesting in his box clearly delights the Midsummer Meek. Nature's friend

Enjoying the delights of the garden. Careful! Garden delights

Spacehopper fun: such poise and mobility for a big man. Spacehopper fun