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Is that the time?

23 September 2014

A Tuesday with the first team out of action is often the chance for your Middle-Aged Diary to wax on some tangential theme or other – but Too Good to Go Down appears to have got there first. And besides, I'm having to type and bolt down a sandwich in a half-hour slice of time.

If a Tuesday without football is unthinkable, get to the Main Stand by 7pm tonight and you can see the youths kick-off their FA Youth Cup campaign against Selby Town. And make a note in your diary that on 14 October we'll be hosting Lincoln in the final of the Lincolnshire County Senior Cup. That appears to be two cups in one paragraph without a sponsor's name clouding their intent. When they said Britain would never be the same again after the Scottish referendum, this is obviously what they meant.

We like it when you write to us, so two suggestions. First of all, a last call for nominating players for our Useless but Popular Theme Team. We've had a fine response but we are still light in central midfield. And if we are forced to go with two of the current names in our back four, then angels shall weep, Hell shall explode and Scott McGarvey will turn out to have been a pretty decent player.

Secondly, while in no way admitting that any such thing happened last Saturday, what is your favourite match of grand larceny? I'd settle on a 1-0 win at Craven Cottage in 2000 when Mohamed Al Fayed had started pumping cash into Fulham. It was pouring with rain, they attacked incessantly and the goal was scored by Jack Lester after a peach of a pass by Stacy Coldicott set Kevin Donovan on his way. Soon after, Uwe Rosler (possibly – a well-known international, anyway) missed an absolute sitter and from then on we knew no matter how much they huffed and puffed, Fulham would not blow the Mariners' house down.

So use the feedback form to share your favourite 'we was robbed' moments – when Town were doing the robbing. Thanks.