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Se necessita una poca de gracia

28 April 2017

Devon Diary writes: Just as it seemed as though #InflateGate was forgotten – blown out of the water by Trevor Hewson's frankly inspired #OperationMariachi – Radio Humberside reported that the Bees had had a change of heart and were to limit the band to playing in the away bar before kick-off. Banning the band.

As it turns out it was just a case of crossed wires and it was all sorted by teatime thanks to a sterling intervention by our SLO Kris Green, which I'm guessing went something like this: "Lads, have you thought this through? You are looking like arseholes."

We knew we'd receive stern tests on the pitch when we returned to the League but we didn't expect to have clubs like Barnet challenging our dominance of the world of the comms gaffe, not this late in the season anyway.

Maybe, though, Town have turned the comms corner. Observe as evidence yesterday's magnificent trolling of Barnet by announcing that they will be positively encouraging inflatables (even offering a prize for the best pair) for next weekend's final match against promoted Plymouth.

Whoever came up with that one, my hat is off to you.

One thing that the whole affair has highlighted is the north/south divide. By my calculations, two hours of Mexican music in that London costs roughly the same as a fortnight of a senior head of coaching role at a certain northern football club. 

If you're off to the match tomorrow then be prepared for some steep prices when you're at the bar. I understand that the proper etiquette in such a situation is to exclaim "'ow much!?" as loud as possible, although it's unlikely you'll be heard over a massed chorus of 'La Bamba'.

After last Saturday's game we retired to the No.2 Refreshment Room for a swift half and a natter about Town's dispatching of the Glovers and how the new-new (old) gaffer had turned the team around. After several swift halves we got to wondering if Slade would be tempted to bring in a Frenchman this time around and, if so, then who. Slade's nemesis is obviously out of the question so we looked to see what Mickaël Antoine-Curier is up to these days. 

Thanks to Wikipedia and confirmed by Transfermarkt, we found that Antoine-Curier is currently on loan at Belgian side Eendracht Aalst. Yep, the same lot who made our away game at Leyton Orient such a great away day. In addition to Town and Aalst, Mickaël has displayed a penchant for our colours by also turning out for Dunfermline and Notts County.

Now, we're not suggesting a return of the MAC but if you're at a loose end, maybe waiting to set off for Barnet with your poncho packed and supping a San Miguel then have a think about this: do we have a former player more partial to wearing black and white than Antoine-Curier? This isn't about time served, mind :it's about the number of clubs – so John McDermott does not count. We're here to help you waste some time so get digging and drop us a line or comment on Twitter. 

Have a cracking weekend and if you're off to Barnet, enjoy yourselves. UTM.