Match stats: Swindon Town v Grimsby

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Saturday 21 April 2018

Division 4

Swindon Town 0

Grimsby Town 1 Rose (45+2 pen)

Attendance: 6690

Cod Almighty man of the match: Danny Collins

Hall-Johnson and Summerfield get the silver and bronze awards for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence, but the dude in the mood for dancing was Danny Collins; literally Jolley's go-to-guy for guidance. Heads and shoulders above the fray, without him we'd have lost today. What more can I say?

Why Danny, won't you stay just a little bit longer.

Our gaffer says

This week's variation on everyone is trying hard and things are getting better is:

''It's a cliche but we're working hard from Monday to Friday on simple and basic things, making sure people are in the right positions and applying pressure to the ball when we can."

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Their gaffer says

The puffed up ex-Premiership perma-tanned popinjay looked and sounded curiously Sladian in his rueful ennui.

"I've had 10 minutes with the referee but I'm not going to change his mind"

Well, Pheromone Phil, you can keep on talking 'til the end of time, but nothing's gonna make him change his mind.

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For once the shame was on the other side.

It was not pretty, but was pretty effective. Swindon tried to play a squeezebox but Town can sleep at night with Collins in such an imperious mood, sweeping up the occasional litterings of Clarke and Rose. Hall-Johnson was perpetually in motion and Summerfield quietly effective as a tick-tocker linkman.

You know, there were at least some ideas in attack.

Oh, we beat them alright. We had some heroes, just for one day.


Swindon? As predicted they have faded to grey. They're just hanging around street corners in a big red dress trying to impress. The rotting Robins have regressed to bog standard bogballers, flaky and flimsy and just seeing out the season to the seething masses.

What a fine metaphysical mess they are getting themselves into. Let us not intrude on their regression to the mean and wallowing in their past glory.

Grimsby 'til I die... or cry?

Hot, humid, happy and clappy.

Official warning

John Brooks

The greatest ref in the world ever, he could go on stage as Mr D'Wonderful and pack the house out at the Carr Lane Social Club. The word on the streets is that his crooning take on 'Harry Takes a Trip' by the Purple Gang is sensational. Turn that amp right up to 11, for Johnny boy was unswayed by the red mist of mumbles and grumbles and saw that what the world needs now is love, sweet love for Town. Grimsby Town.

A late candidate for player of the season. Why didn't Slade sign him in January?

Readers' digest

Senses and defences working overtime. Pain and pleasure and safety bells softly chime.

In a word: daytripping


Swindon Town: Charles-Cooke; Knoyle, Romanski, McGivern, Hussey, Anderson (Twine 72), Linganzi, Dunn (McDermott 56), Taylor, Richards, Mullin (Banks 56)

Subs not used: Purkiss, Elsnick, Young, Moore

Booked: Mullin

Town: McKeown; Hall-Johnson (Davies 72), Clarke, Collins, Fox, Clifton, Summerfield, Rose, Woolford, Hooper (Suliman 85), Cardwell (Matt 73)

Subs not used: McSheffrey, Dembele, Killip, Jackson

Booked: Hall-Johnson, Rose