Could you write the Cod Almighty Diary?

Cod Almighty | Article

by Cod Almighty

19 August 2021

Hoping for a change from diaries that bang on about Bestall, Boylen and Buckley? Here's your chance to be a voice for younger Town fans

Do you:

  • Support Town, and talk and think about them often?
  • Enjoy writing?
  • Get frustrated at the clickbait which passes for internet football content?
  • Say, when someone mentions Alan Buckley, "Oh yes, my parents (or grandparents) rave about him. Must have been a good time to be a Mariner"

If so, you could be a new Cod Almighty diarist.

We have a slot to fill in our regular roster of diarists, and we want to recruit someone who will bring the average age of our team somewhere close to the point Russell Slade would consider giving us one last pay-day.

In case the word "pay" misleads you, Cod Almighty remains resolutely non-commercial - there's no money in it, for advertisers or for you. But writing for us gives you a voice. Your own voice - we won't tell you what to write, as long as it is worth reading, but we will provide any help, training or support you might want.

If you think it could be for you, here's what is going to happen.

1. Send us an email by 31 August telling us your name, your email address, your age, and in no more than 100 words why you want to write a Cod Almighty diary.

2. We'll draw up a shortlist from the entries we receive and give them all a test diary slot in September or October.

3. The diarist whose entry works best (judged by us and our readers) will take over a regular weekly slot.

Just two more things you need to be aware of. We do want someone who can:

  • Commit to writing a diary every week (or most weeks, subject to life getting in the way)
  • Write on the morning of the day the diary will be published, so that it is topical. We can arrange the rota to fit you in on a convenient day.

Interested? Get in touch