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April Fouls Day

2 April 2024

Miss Guest Diary writes: Normally I hate a lunchtime kick-off, such an inconvenience. No time to do anything significant before or afterwards, no time for a proper lunch so I end up eating sandwiches at the game like a schoolkid on an outing. Yesterday was an exception, though: Town's was the only game at that time in our division, so I was spared the stress of checking the scores of the teams around us every few minutes, something I have found myself compelled to do this last couple of months. Just as well too, given that two of our relegation rivals had comfortable wins yesterday.

Despite the massive convenience of being able to ascertain the whereabouts of Timbuktu or order a next day delivery of binbags or teabags when I unexpectedly run out, I sometimes wish we could go back to the days before the internet, or at least before Smartphones. Then the only way to find out the scores in other games was to wait until the bitter end and hear them on the Tannoy. Except, of course, for those final games of the season where there was still something to play for, when someone would bring a transistor radio and rumours would run around the crowd like Chinese whispers. Talking of the bitter end, it was noticeable again yesterday the number of people who left while Town were still winning 1-0. How many of them reached home not knowing about the penalty and sending off? But, realistically, most would have checked the score on their phones when they reached the car, of course.

I listened in the week to the DN35 podcast interview with David Artell, who came across as thoroughly thoughtful and decent, if a little incoherent at times. He was still adamant that relegation is not on the cards, to such a degree that I only half blame the podcasters for not asking the million dollar question: would he stay at Town to manage them in the Bananarama. I wonder where the manager stands this morning? We know where a sample of Town fans stand, DN35 having conducted a poll on Twitter in which 61% of respondents voted "yes" to the question "Are we going down?"

I confess to having voted yes, and feel a little ashamed of myself for the lack of faith it shows in our team. But the continued inability to score a second goal has led in two recent games to a late penalty turning a win into a draw, causing the loss of four precious points. Coupled with the recent upturn in form for Sutton and Forest Green, it means we are now only two points above the relegation places.

Of course, a win against Newport on Saturday and losses for the teams around us would change things again, but it feels like a big ask. With the Denver Boot suspended and Harry Clifton missing from yesterday's squad, who might play at left wingback? Ringo has been nowhere to be seen for the last two months, so it could be an even greater ask for him to come into the team for this game. What's the alternative? Another change of formation? I'm going to drive myself mad speculating about this stuff, so I'm off to relax with some ironing and an old episode of Midsomer Murders.

See you at BP on Saturday. UTFM!