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Cake or bread? There’s nothing that can’t be improved by jam

23 April 2024

So there we have it, last home game of the season done and dusted. I don’t think there will be too many people sorry to see the end of this season. Mr Misery who sits behind me maybe. Saturday went a bit like this: moan, moan, garbage, moan, moan, atrocious, moan…Town score. Not a peep. Sit with arms crossed and a scowl. Maybe he enjoyed non-league and is disappointed that we are not returning. I think most of us were a bit more jubilant.

After a bloody awful season, the post-mortem has begun. Cakes, bread and data have been mentioned by our chairman and fans. At the moment I’m just still processing and thankful we escaped the trapdoor. It was third time lucky since 2010 that we were in such a dire position. I spent a longtime thinking we’ll be fine, but that gradually eroded and at times I really feared the drop would come to pass. Let’s savour the relief. Maybe not the highs of the previous two seasons but, bloody hell, we did it.

Apparently the 3pm blackout doesn’t apply on Saturday so we can watch in the UK if we’re not travelling down to Crawley. I hope a few youngsters get a chance and players have the freedom to relax and play now that we are safe.

Before the game there was a strong rumour of how much the season tickets would be going up next year to the general horror of those present. I have no idea if it was a rumour started as “I bet they will go up xxx” that became fact once it had gone through a few peopl, or someone in the know passing on information with “Don’t tell anyone but….”. It’s a tough one. Everything has gone up significantly in the last year so it wouldn’t be surprising but still disappointing as we already have one of the most expensive season tickets in the league. We can’t win as we want the manager to have money to spend. The early bird offer helps but it’s still a stretch for many fans. We shall see.

Last home game meant it was probably the last time that some of those players would be out and about in the area. From all accounts they made the most of it and I’m pleased they did. I can’t help but think what a nomadic, uncertain life lower league footballers lead: not players who are playing down a league or two like Hollywood FC but just the run of the mill players who move on every year or two. For all those players you might want rid of because they’re “useless” I can guarantee that they will probably find a manager and a team where they just click. We’ve seen it many times - that curse of them scoring against Town (hello Dani Orsi). At least one player implied they would be on their way and we’ve certainly speculated who doesn’t appear to be rated by David Artell. I wish them all well. Nobody sets out to have a poor season. If one manager brought you in and then leaves and the style changes, it’s hardly your fault.

Anyway, enjoy the moment. UTM!