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Cod Almighty | Article

by Tony Butcher

2 June 2024

May 2024, somewhere in Lincolnshire.

Someone’s knockin’ at the door.

Somebody's ringing the bell.

I'll do you a favour and let a chipper Jason Stockwood in for a mega-marathon of Mariner musings and mutterings.

He came in as chair with an article on Cod Almighty, he leaves the chair with a Blundell Park blockbuster of an interview, a summer sensation to take you through the dead end days of drip-fed details of the new revolution. It's not totally about football but there is some Total Football in there.

It's massively mega, so massively mega we've split it into three parts: the man, Town talk and the world beyond.

What's the point of it all, what is the purpose, why are we here, why did he do it, what does he want to do with it? What is "it"? And is that it?

So come on down for tales of the Holton-Le-Clay hair mafia and lizard suits in sunny California, to the true meaning of data and how to fill the hole in the money bucket and, finally, today it may be Grimsby but tomorrow it's the world!

So I listened to what the man said and we’ll share it wth you soon…