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Scarlet runners

16 June 2024

For a few months in 1934, Grimsby Town were perhaps the best team in England. As Pat Bell writes, they were helped by their choice of sock

Love's labours drawn

Match report

4 February 2024

Love's labours drawn

A kaleidoscope of a game

14 January 2024

In January 1933, Grimsby Town, under a new manager, played out a 5-5 draw, their second of the season. Pat Bell looks back

A Rose by no other name

Match report

30 December 2023

A Rose by no other name

From siren to serenity

Match report

5 February 2023

From siren to serenity

Not drowning but waving

Match report

1 October 2022

Not drowning but waving

When the women of Grimsby beat England

2 August 2022

When the FA banned women's football in 1921, Grimsby led efforts to keep it alive. Pat Bell uncovers some forgotten games

Knowing us, knowing Pat Bell

22 March 2022

Current editor-in-chief Pat Bell is our very own history man. Now read his story about how a Welsh man is umbilically connected to Town; it's literally in his DNA.

"A football invasion": Town fans in 1920s Nottingham

13 March 2022

Nottingham was a popular away day for Grimsby supporters but even in the 1930s it did not always pass without trouble. Pat Bell looks back

The day of the adder

Match report

18 December 2021

The day of the adder

A rough guide to... Altrincham

4 October 2021

They have historic reasons to despise the Mariners, but after rising again through the non-League pyramid, Altrincham are looking forwards, not back

1-0 (Disley)

15 June 2021

Craig Disley's retirement from playing offers a timely reminder of the qualities we'll need in the Conference

The flight of Ian Holloway

23 December 2020

Ian Holloway has chosen the very worst moment to dump us. Pat Bell says both he and the man who appointed him - John Fenty - deserve contempt

John Fenty: a pattern of behaviour

2 March 2020

In February 2020, John Fenty said he would no longer in the day-to-day running of Grimsby Town. We took a look at his record

The black and white carbuncle

25 December 2019

In a seasonal mystery, Sherlock Holmes uncovers the truth hidden in an unkempt old goose

"Jubilation in Fishopolis": 1925-26 final part

6 August 2019

Promotion from Division Three (North) came down to the last day of the season: Grimsby had to win to take the title

"Vital engagements": 1925-26 part four

18 July 2019

Christmas in 1925 meant football on consecutive days. Grimsby played the league leaders, home and away

The night we thrashed Spurs 0-3

8 January 2019

The defeat at Crystal Palace was not the only time Town have been magnificent in defeat. Pat Bell remembers when Spurs visited Blundell Park in 1991

"A game of thrills": 1925-26 part two

1 September 2018

Jimmy Carmichael's goals have put Town second in the northern section table. A win over league leaders Rochdale will take them top...

"Young men of promise": 1925-26 part one

1 September 2018

Early in the 1925-26 season Grimsby Town started to turn around two decades of decline. Pat Bell imagines the first game of a pivotal season

"A keen display of partisanship": 1925-26 part three

1 August 2018

Grimsby were flying high in Division Three (North). But how would they do in the Lincolnshire derby?

A rosy prospect: 1925-26 part five

1 August 2018

In the first months of 1926, Grimsby Town hauled themselves back into the Division Three (North) title race. For the Good Friday game, they drew a record crowd


Match report

2 January 2018


What if... John Newman had acted like a modern manager?

15 August 2017

A new manager must always bring in his own players, yes? It wasn't always like that, Pat Bell suggests

The Wembley XI: the definitive team

17 July 2017

Who has given the best Town performances in a Wembley appearance? The final team unveiled

Wake me up at half past four

Match report

26 March 2017

Wake me up at half past four

Bring me rainfall

Match report

26 February 2017

Bring me rainfall

Away from home

3 January 2017

The links between Aberystwyth (and a few other places) and Cleethorpes explored in this archive article from Pat Bell

100 per cent representative: an interview with Jon Wood

13 November 2016

The Mariners Trust rep on the GTFC board is dedicated to Town, and dedicated to representing its fans

A wake-up call

22 October 2016

Paul Hurst is taking seriously an approach from Shrewsbury. It suggests Grimsby aren't quite the force we like to think we are

It only takes a few to make you feel unwelcome: an interview with Scott McGarvey

3 October 2016

A notorious figure among Town fans in the late 1980s talks to CA about his time at Blundell Park

A rough guide to... Stevenage

1 August 2016

Back in the day, Stevenage rose like a rocket. Are they now sinking like a feather?

A rough guide to... Leyton Orient

1 August 2016

Can Orient prosper despite a sack-happy owner and the new proximity of West Ham?

A rough guide to... Cambridge United

1 August 2016

After two seasons back in the Football League, Cambridge are eyeing another promotion. Pat Bell reports

Letters from afar: how Grimsby breeds writers

3 November 2015

The new book We are Town shows how many talented writers have been inspired by the Mariners

Building on sand: the 1987-88 season

10 February 2015

A team wrecked by the boardroom and a bad manager? Sounds familiar, but this was 1987, and in the end good things came from the wreckage

Beautiful losers: Leonard Cohen and the Mariners

19 November 2014

Leonard Cohen. Grimsby Town. Not much in common, you might think. Pat Bell disagrees

The road to nowhere

4 October 2014

As another mediocre season looms, Pat Bell traces the sequence of mishaps and blunders that got Town into this mess

How Grimsby was my valley

23 May 2014

From Pat Glover to John Oster, Wales has provided many of Town's greatest ever players. Pat Bell picks a Welsh Mariners XI to prove it

The day the Earth stood still

24 October 2013

Jim Dobbin's wonder goal at Newcastle put Town in the national spotlight. Pat Bell looks at why the goal remains a beacon for the Mariners, 25 years later

Bygone futures

Match report

1 April 2013

Bygone futures

Crawling over the line

22 March 2013

Town's start to this season has a bit in common with 1990-91. It turned out alright, just. Paul Thundercliffe and Pat Bell share their reminiscences

Things you only know if your dad is from Grimsby

12 February 2013

Not a plastic paddy, but a glass-fibre Grimbarian: what's it like to grow up elsewhere supporting the Mariners?

Book review: Laws of the Jungle

4 December 2012

Among Town fans he'll only be remembered for one thing. But how does Brian Laws' autobiography balance out? Pat Bell gives it a read

Muffins and mules: Hyde (a)

Match report

6 November 2012

Muffins and mules: Hyde (a) report

A cup of kindness: Port Vale (a)

Match report

12 November 2011

A cup of kindness: Port Vale (a) report

Slow recovery: the lessons of Town's 1988-89 FA Cup adventure

9 November 2011

A good cup run can be at the heart of a club's revival. Pat Bell remembers 1988-89

Rough Guide to... AFC Telford United

2 August 2011

2011-12 rough guide to AFC Telford United

Playing to the crowd

24 February 2011

In the wake of Neil Woods' sacking, Pat Bell accuses the chairman of bowing to the boo-boys

The long, lingering death of hope: Fleetwood (a)

Match report

19 February 2011

The long, lingering death of hope: Fleetwood (a) report

Book review: Grimsby Town: Through the Trap Door

14 November 2010

On occasion at CA Towers we get a spare moment to read a book. Even less occasionally we get time to write about it

Bonfire of Woods' vanities: Altrincham (a)

Match report

25 September 2010

Bonfire of Woods' vanities: Altrincham (a) report

The making of a Mariner

12 August 2010

Some stirring memories from following the Town over four decades, from Pat Bell

Rough Guide to... Bath City

12 August 2010

2010-11 Rough Guide to Bath City

Rough Guide to... Barrow

12 July 2010

2010-11 Rough Guide to Barrow

Player profile: Michael Cummins

29 June 2010

2010-11 player profile: Michael Cummins

Tales from the precipice: Accrington (a)

Match report

5 April 2010

Tales from the precipice: Accrington (a) report

A measure of displeasure: Crewe (a)

Match report

9 March 2010

A measure of displeasure: Crewe (a) report

Butter before guns: Rotherham (a)

Match report

23 January 2010

Butter before guns: Rotherham (a) report

Theme Team: The 'Come back, all is forgiven' XI

22 October 2009


The chequered history of 'foreign' players at Grimsby: 2

10 June 2009

Part two of Pat Bell's look at how foreign players have ultimately failed, for one reason or another, at Grimsby part 2

Cold without the comfort: Accrington (a)

Match report

28 December 2008

Cold without the comfort: Accrington (a) report

The chequered history of 'foreign' players at Grimsby: 1

15 December 2008

Jonah Foreigner: the chequered history of 'foreign' players at GTFC part 1

I was there: Bury (a)

Match report

15 November 2008

I was there: Bury (a) report

Disco Stu doesn't advertise: Morecambe (a)

Match report

20 September 2008

Disco Stu doesn't advertise: Morecambe (a) report

George's first match

10 March 2008

On St David's Day in 2008, Pat Bell took his son, George, to his very first football match: away at Morecambe

Hold on to yourself: Morecambe (a)

Match report

26 February 2008

Hold on to yourself: Morecambe (a) report

Gimme shelter: Stockport (a)

Match report

8 January 2008

Gimme shelter: Stockport (a) report

The book of laughter and forgetting: Chester (a)

Match report

1 January 2008

The book of laughter and forgetting: Chester (a) report

Rebel without applause: Bury (a)

Match report

18 August 2007

Rebel without applause: Bury (a) report

Player profile: Paul Bolland

6 August 2007

2007-08 player profile: Paul Bolland

Rough guide to... Stockport County

6 August 2007

2007-08 rough guide to... Stockport County

Rough guide to... Bradford City

29 July 2007

2007-08 rough guide to... Bradford City

Town on the box: The kindness of bar staff

8 January 2007

Readers share their experiences of watching Town on the telly

He never had a chance

6 November 2006

Pat Bell looks back on the Town career of Graham Rodger

Player profiles: Andy Taylor

27 September 2006

2006-07 player profiles: Andy Taylor

Memories are made of this

22 September 2006

A tribute to Town legend Joe Waters by Pat Bell

Rough guide to... Chester City

14 August 2006

2006-07 rough guide to... Chester City

Player profiles: Gary Croft

28 July 2006

2006-07 player profiles: Gary Croft

Player profiles: Tom Newey

28 July 2006

2006-07 player profiles: Tom Newey

Rough guide to... Wycombe Wanderers

1 July 2006

2006-07 rough guide to... Wycombe Wanderers

Great expectations

8 November 2005

Pat Bell took a look back at those players who left us frustrated and disappointed

The curse of the record fee

1 February 2005

What do Shaun Cunnington, John Oster, Gary Croft and Andy Tillson have in common? Pat Bell provides the analysis

Fight club

24 July 2004

Pat Bell gives the verdit on classic BP scrappers

If it isn't hurting, it isn't Grimsby

24 March 2004

The country may suffer, but Town perform much better under a Tory government claims Pat Bell

Player profile: Stacy Coldicott

11 September 2003

2003-04 player profile: Stacy Coldicott