The Secret Midsummer Meek

Cod Almighty | Article

by Steve Meek

25 July 2005

As our previous exposé of the Meek showed, summer can be fun for a Town fan. We were though a touch cynical about the life of the Meek. During our time together there was ne'er a mention of football generally or Town in particular. Was this an accurate portrayal of the life of the Meek?

Being hard-nosed cynical newshounds we suspected not. To get to the truth sometimes you have to break a few rules. In this case we kept our noses clean by getting long time Meek associate Roy to break a few rules.

Over a period of ten July days the Meek was secretly followed and filmed as he went about his daily business. On seven of those days Blundell Park was his port of call. Here follows a typical example of a real Midsummer Meek morning.

8:59am. The Meek arrives at Blundell Park.The Meek arrives at BP

The usual parking space.The usual parking space

The theatre of dreams. The theatre of dreams

Blundell Pa...? Blundell Pa...?

Just one month to go... Only one month to go

Whimper... Whimper

Attention seeking Meek. Attention seeking Meek

It's now 11:30am.
The Meek seems to be awaiting the offer of a trial.

Awaiting trial