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Remembering days and players gone by

3 March 2024

Pat Bell and Alan Chapman with memories of games in different times

4.45 Saturday

Daubney Diary (21 February) reminded me of an experience, probably incomprehensible to anyone under the age of 40.

It was a late Saturday afternoon in the 1990s and my girlfriend and I were mooching around Richmond, in London. She said she wanted to look inside a shop and I agreed I'd wait outside. It was getting towards full-time so I found a doorway where I could keep out of the way, got out my small portable radio, tuned to Radio 5, and held it my ear.

A stern, late middle aged woman came up to me:
"Aren't you going to do anything about them?" she said.
"Those boys round the corner."

I'd not seen any boys, and I'm pretty sure they weren't my responsibility, not when I was waiting to hear how Town had got on.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean. I'm not a policeman, I'm just listening to my radio."

A touch of sympathy lightened her face.

"I suppose if you admitted who you were it would spoil your operation" and she walked off, still disgruntled but at least understanding in her utter miscomprehension. I was a blameless librarian with a Mariners addiction, dependent, in those pre-mobile days, on one small window of time if I was to learn how they had done before Sunday.

Heaven knows of all the charges that could be laid against the Metropolitan Police this was not so much small as homeopathic beer, but I am glad to clear them of failure to act against some juveniles in a leafy London suburb a quarter of a century ago.

from Pat Bell

Letters Ed responds: A great memory Pat. Reminds us of little crowds around Rumbelows back in the day.

Stan Bowles

Just seen news of the death of Stan Bowles. A throwback to enjoyable, less complicated football-days. I seem to remember him scoring a hat trick at Town, the last goal a bit of a mazy run and looking through the stats Crewe did beat Town 3-2, in 1971, but can't track down the scorers.

He joined a long list of QPR entertainers. God bless them

from Alan Chapman

Letters Ed responds: We may have finished as champions that season but not the best run out for us on that day. Maybe someone will have that detail stored away somewhere!