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Full of Cold, Remembering Peter Handyside, Tracker Cock-up and The Dangers of the Fens

22 February 2024

A mixed bag of remembrances and shared experiences

Full of Cold

BOTB diary (9 February) might like to know, that as far back as the early 70s, Terry Collier in Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads, described himself as ‘Full of Cold.” Maybe because it was set in the North East, it doesn’t count though.

from Martyn Wyburn

Letters Ed responds: Thanks Martyn. Now you mention it I remember the episode. It deserves another watch. Ed.

Peter Handyside

Very shocked to hear of his passing. He was an elegant and accomplished player. The back four of McDermott/Handyside/Lever/Croft might not have been quite as famous as Dixon/Adams/Bould/Winterburn, but it was the foundation of the excellent side of much of the 90s.

Very best wishes for the rest of the season. UTM.

from David Crofts

Letters Ed responds: Unusual for Town fans to be as one David but anyone who saw Peter in his pomp at Town will be shocked at his untimely death. We certainly are at CA.

Contract Tracker

I think you have missed Arthur Gnahoua from your, otherwise excellent, Player Contracts tracker. He signed a one year contact back in August.

from Anthony Wilkinson

Letters Ed responds: Thanks for pointing it out Anthony. My cock-up I’m afraid but all corrected now.

The Dangers of Beer and the Fens

Trust guest diary has read Graham Swift's Waterland. A grand tale of the Fens and the dangers of strong beer and dykes. No mention of footy though.

from Patrick Conway

Letters Ed responds: Almost certainly Patrick but if not, one for his next birthday!