Sonnet 2023/24: Winter Love

Cod Almighty | Article

by Alistair Wilkinson

8 May 2024

Carlisle United may claim Coleridge and Stratford Town swear old Shakey was the original terrace wit, but we've got Big Al, the Bard of Blundell Park. He watched, he waited, he wrote some wistful words.  And here they are, especially for you.

This was the season we thought we'd go up.

This was the team that would love to attack.

This was the season we had to grow up.

This was the team who would not love us back.

Hurst died in a picture of loneliness,

And left us comparing now and that film;

A flame, out brief candle, don't light the mess:

Screamers dead by Christmas – they overwhelm!

Yes, we could work, we could reorganise

And week by week frustrate a little more,

Till we said, can't wait till this season dies -

Defibrillate and we still wouldn't score...

Then, at the death, a shot deftly driven

And all of that instantly forgiven.