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Dear Jason Stockwood

18 May 2024

Fed up with the trickle of tosh on the internet of imbecility, the Pontoon's Poet Laureate gives the club a public hug from us all

Sonnet 2023/24: Winter Love

8 May 2024

The Pontoon’s very own poet laureate lightly lacerates last season’s losers with some vaguely vicious verse

We're Beautiful South

6 May 2023

Our resident poet, Al Wilkinson, marks the coronation of King Harry with an ode to Town's joyous cup romp

Knowing us, knowing Alistair Wilkinson

27 March 2022

Poems! Poems, laddie! It's time for Al, the Bard of Blundell Park, telling tales of drunkenness and the cruelty of being a Town fan.

If I were King of Blundell Park

28 October 2021

Dreams of a perfect club, a perfect match, and a perfect Grimbarian day. Al Wilkinson imagines...

My time, my money

5 May 2021

Imagine being inside the head of John Fenty this cold May. That's what Al Wilkinson does in his latest poem

28th December 2020: a new Town

31 December 2020

This week's events could define a new era for Grimsby Town. They stirred Al Wilkinson to pen a new poem.

Something good

25 February 2019

Michael Jolley and his team are putting to bed a lot of bad memories, and Al Wilkinson is enjoying the ride

April and May 1998

19 April 2018

On the 20th anniversary of Town's first visit to Wembley, Al Wilkinson asks how long will the memories live

Footprint in the snow

19 March 2018

"A sad poem for a sad weekend". Al Wilkinson laments

There's a corpse on the floor while the Chairboys score

6 March 2017

Four thousand witnesses saw Town Gunned down last Saturday. Al reflects in verse

Of mice and monkeys

9 February 2017

With players, formations and tactics all in flux, Al Wilkinson turns to rhyme to try and make sense of the transformation

A rough guide to... Colchester United

1 August 2016

Like Town, Colchester can be likened to a vaquita. Let Al Wilkinson tell you why


23 September 2013

The Bard of Blundell Park, Alistair Wilkinson, has seen enough of the "yellow-booted amateurs" who personify Town's decline

Something's back

3 January 2012

An excited Al Wilkinson celebrates his return to the football... and football's apparent return to Grimsby

I'll miss the winner but I can make a cracking dinner

11 October 2011

The bard of Blundell Park, Al Wilkinson, muses on his absence from the football this season

No more honeymoons

31 March 2011

Just two games into their reign, Hurst and Scott already look short on goodwill from the dwindling crowds at BP. Al Wilkinson is at the end of his tether

What can we expect?

14 March 2011

With the directors continuing to disgrace the club, Al Wilkinson looks back at Woods's sacking and forward with a heavy heart

A very happy New Year indeed

6 January 2011

After Town's spectacular start to 2011 Al Wilkinson considers whether there's now a realistic chance of promotion

We're not all in this together

5 December 2010

John Fenty says he feels our pain – but Al Wilkinson feels patronised and belittled by the chairman's efforts at slumming it

All that glitters

4 November 2010

Cup competitions: a chance for glory or an excuse to miss a game? Al Wilkinson keeps his 15 quid in his pocket


19 October 2010

Al Wilkinson manages to miss the Southport game and doesn't feel optimistic about the FA Cup

Frustration or enigma?

5 October 2010

Town's whole season could turn on the form of Peter Bore, says Al Wilkinson, who reckons the lad should stay at right-back

Almost away

7 September 2010

It's Al Wilkinson again, on two home wins with two contrasting performances against Histon and Luton

What did you expect?

7 September 2010

Fans are downgrading their hopes and dreams after some woeful home performances. Al Wilkinson joins them in a rueful mood

Fans, fantasies and febrile frustrations

30 August 2010

A philosophical look at Town's mixed start to the season from that man Al Wilkinson

The one that almost got away

23 August 2010

A cruel twist of fate saw Al Wilkinson consigned to a 16th year as a season ticket holder. And he thought his luck had changed

Rough Guide to... Kidderminster Harriers

1 July 2010

2010-11 Rough Guide to Kidderminster Harriers

Player profile: Peter Bore

1 July 2010

2010-11 player profile: Peter Bore

Stick or twist?

4 May 2010

Al Wilkinson looks at the pros and cons of sticking with Neil Woods

Not Man and Boy: True blood

21 January 2010

Al Wilkinson tries in vain to get his children interested in football

Player profile: Rob Atkinson

5 January 2010

2009-10 player profile: Rob Atkinson

Not Man and Boy: You couldn't make it up

11 August 2009

Al Wilkinson tries in vain to get his children interested in football

Not Man and Boy: Blundell Park is better than the telly

5 August 2008

Al Wilkinson tries in vain to get his children interested in football

Dying to survive

26 June 2008

Alistair Wilkinson returns with more verse

Not Man and Boy: Why

21 April 2008

Al Wilkinson tries in vain to get his children interested in football

A cold Tuesday night

28 March 2008

Alistair Wilkinson on Burnley

What we do will never do

15 February 2008

Alistair Wilkinson with more poetry

Autumn in two movements

18 October 2007

Double verse from Alistair Wilkinson

Not Man and Boy: Listening to Villa

18 September 2007

Al Wilkinson tries in vain to get his children interested in football

We get our kicks throwing sticks

30 August 2007

Alistair Wilkinson gives us some verse

Rough guide to... Rotherham United

12 July 2007

2007-08 rough guide to... Rotherham United

Apocalypse Now made the Doors sound good

15 June 2007

Poetic verse by Alistair Wilkinson

Not Man and Boy: Kick!

17 May 2007

Al Wilkinson tries in vain to get his children interested in football

Who laughs last?

13 March 2007

A lot of time has passed since the 'Bonetti incident', but it's Brian Laws who's done best out of those involved, argues Al Wilkinson

Six appeal

12 March 2007

More poetry from Al Wilkinson

What future for my children?

30 January 2007

Al Wilkinson brings the verse

The lodger's gone

20 November 2006

More poetry from Mr Wilkinson

A broken toaster on a crap roller coaster

2 October 2006

Alistair Wilkinson returns with more poetry

M + M = Crewe boo and Buried

4 September 2006

More verse from Alistair Wilkinson

Three games, three points; 43 to go...

16 August 2006

Alistair Wilkinson in verse

Rough guide to... Darlington

1 August 2006

2006-07 rough guide to... Darlington

Player profiles: Isaiah Rankin

30 July 2006

2006-07 player profiles: Isaiah Rankin

Rough guide to... Hereford United

18 July 2006

2006-07 rough guide to... Hereford United

London calling

31 August 2004

What's not to like about Charlton Athletic, argues Al Wilkinson

Ships that pass in the night

27 September 2003

Al Wilkinson reflects on the goalless draw away to Sheffield Wednesday

Feline groovy

16 September 2003

Town's role in the naming of Al Wilkinson's cat

Player profile: Aidan Davison

8 September 2003

2003-04 Player profile: Aidan Davison

Player profile: Tony Crane

8 September 2003

2003-04 player profile: Tony Crane

Player profile: Paul Groves

8 September 2003

2003-04 player profile: Paul Groves

A Grimsby disease

23 May 2003

Al Wilkinson on living in a town where most people don't support the Mariners: Grimsby