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A four-syllable-named, attacking midfielder please!

14 May 2024

It has got to that flat time of the year. I'm sure I'm not the only one to be relieved that our season is over and for now I've been enjoying the sunshine in Cleethorpes and not having to plan life around Town fixtures.

No Town. Euros haven't started and we're not yet ramping up to the next season. Properly on the beach. After such an awful time will everyone be back next year? I'm sure most of us will, however much we might grumble. I happened to be in Ipswich on the Saturday before last, their last game of the season and the day on which they secured automatic promotion to the top flight. Walking around the town centre I couldn't help but enjoy the revelry. Nothing to do with me as such but it would have been hard not to appreciate the atmosphere. Outside some of the pubs there was good natured carnage. I did think to myself "I want a bit of this, I want a season finish like this at Town". I know it's only a couple of years since we won promotion but at the moment it feels like a lifetime ago.

Speculation has already started as to what we need, who we might want for next season. Can I make one suggestion please? My two-year-old grandson just loved the Abo Eisa song and regales everyone with it. Someone who has a bit of talent and whose name scans to that song would be perfect.

I will be trotting along to renew my season ticket before the end of the month and that will be the extent of my commitment to Town for the next few weeks I hope you have something fun planned for the interlude between seasons. UTM!