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15 May 2024

Town have a new Chair. As planned when they took over in 2021, Andrew Pettit has assumed the role after Jason Stockwood's three year stint. It's news but it's not, with no change in GTFC's ongoing work and planning, as reiterated by both during an interview with Radio Humberside yesterday.

The title being passed between owners without fuss is testimony to the respective characters and their relationship. It's easy to forget that Andrew and Jason didn't know each other prior to 2021. Then they partnered-up and made a decision driven by the heart to buy a beat-up, relegated football club in a town full of high expectations and short fuses. Even TV's the A-Team would have detoured the van around that storyline and headed to the county line without looking back.

Edges and cracks can appear quickly under such circumstances but we seem to have landed with two successful and caring people that aren't saddled with abrasive egos to match the size of their bank balance. And they're Grimsby lads. It's worth stating again that Town and the area itself are lucky to call them their own.

Three paragraphs on non-event boardroom stuff Daubney, it's hardly the Ramsdens duking it out while the club implodes now is it? And a clumsily shoe-horned 1980's TV reference isn't cutting it either. Well, elsewhere in yesterday's interview it was revealed Signings have been made already! and Others are on the way! But without names that really is news for another day. Soz.

So all that's left to do is kick back and re-live the 2016 Wembley footage on its anniversary. The rollercoaster of the intervening years hasn't dampened the goals and JT's commentary. Enjoy and UTM.