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Grimsby till I die

11 June 2024

Target Demographic Diary writes: The lack of content coming from Town in the past week has begun to worry some supporters. However I do not share this concern and am not about to slam the club because we haven't signed all the best players in the league after finishing 21st in division four. We’re not playing football manager or FIFA here; this is the real world where there are so many factors for a player that could decide if he joins or not. Location, how their family feels about the move, money, if they believe the the club is going in the right direction. These are just a few things that can alter if a player decides to join Town or another team.

When I speak about Town to others, I always say I support them. Not follow or keep in touch with, support. Not belittle or berate, support. Now the dictionary definition of support says, "be actively interested in and concerned for the success of (a particular sports team)". I reference this as there is an argument that some people are simply more actively concerned for the success of Grimsby than I am. However, getting upset because we haven’t signed loads of players already just doesn’t make sense, after all that’s what we did last year, and it obviously didn’t go to plan.

I appreciate if this diary was being published at the start of August my tone would be different. I too would be concerned for the success of GTFC at that point. Still, there are exactly fifty days between now and August. The board and David Artell will know what they need. They'll have specific players in mind and if we don't get those players then they'll have backups in mind. All I'm trying to say is that we often don't know the half of the stories, all we have to go off are fake rumours and the scraps of pending transfer deals to feed off. Therefore, if like me when speaking about Town you say you support them, support them now, support that Artell and the board have plans in place and know what they’re doing.

I appreciate that a large majority of Town fans do still support the decisions being made, it just annoys me to see those jump quickly to conclusions that there is no plan in place and that the lack of signings is a result of people rejecting us, not that we are simply finding the right players to fit our system.

I apologies for today’s rant almost of a diary, I typically do like to keep things light-hearted I just couldn’t ignore the cries from a small number of our fans. Next week I'll have something fun to talk about again I promise.