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13 November 2023

Miss Guest Diary writes: Saturday at Blundell Park couldn't have gone much better. Three goals, three points, an article from Tony B in the matchday programme, being presented with Toby's shirt and, best of all, a handshake and a Happy Birthday from Harry Clifton. Perfect. The end.

Obviously I can't really leave it there. Firstly, I have to mention the revitalisation of Ringo. Anthony Glennon was back to his old self, ranging up the wing and putting in quality crosses. I can't even recall any defensive mistakes. Well, there was that comedy routine with Otis Khan down by the PA Box in the second half, but as it led to Harvey Cartwright's wonder save, I'll let him off. Then there was the captain's performance from Danny Rose, who deservedly made the EFL Team of the Week.

I think us fans can give ourselves a pat on the back too. Conceding a goal in the first minute silenced the ground for a while, but there were no boos and we were soon back singing and cheering. I wonder whether conceding so early actually did Town a favour – after all, when you're 1-0 down there's no point hanging on and keeping your shape, you just have to go for it and that's what they did. In his post-match interview Ben Davies seemed to put the victory down almost entirely to character – the players believing in themselves and keeping going no matter what – a quality that has been sadly lacking in the squad of late.

So enthused were we by the performance that on the way out of the ground we briefly considered going to Nailsworth next Saturday. I changed my mind when I remembered The Hill. For those of you who've never ventured to Forest Green's stadium, think of Steep Hill in Lincoln then double it. Last time we went I had to sit down on someone's garden wall halfway up as I genuinely feared passing out.

Anyway, before that we have the FA Cup replay against Slough Town. Ben Davies has confirmed that both Otis Khan and Abo Eisa will be away on international duty this week so that leaves plenty of room to bring Harry back into the starting line-up – him being on the bench for the Morecambe game was the one disappointment. If Town can play tomorrow like they did on Saturday, I'd better start planning my trip to Oxford.

Though we're now moving forward without Hurst and Doig, we can't forget all they did for us. Seán Anderson has put together his top ten matches from the last two seasons. If anyone wants to have a go at doing the same for Hurst's first management spell, drop us a line.